We have before us a stage of almost 30 km, but of a very manageable difficulty. We leave Logroño towards Nájera through the park of San Miguel, passing through the natural environment of the Grajera reservoir. We will cross lands of wine and fruit trees, with wide valleys and gentle slopes. We will visit villages with a great pottery tradition such as Navarrete and we will face the challenge of the day, the ascent to the Alto de San Antón, so progressive that we will hardly notice it.


Crossing the square of Santiago, we say goodbye to Logroño to get back on the Camino in the direction ofLogroño. Nájera. We pass under the Puerta del Camino and walk for quite a while until we reach the Parque de San Miguel and enter the Parque de la Grajera, at the foot of the reservoir. This magnificent spot is home to numerous animal species, from friendly squirrels to majestic swans, which will delight the most curious.

We walk uphill along dirt tracks and crop fields to reach the Alto de la Grajera, which will lead us to the road to Navarrete, but not before we see the emblematic Osborne bull.

Once in Navarrete we can enjoy the town that once served as a border with the Kingdom of Navarre, where the Castilian kings of the twelfth century defended their territory. After visiting the Renaissance church of La Asunción, we cross the old town to return to the Camino.

We leave Navarrete behind and head towards Ventosa, where the church of San Saturnino stands out. Next to the wineries a stony path leads us to the Alto de San Antón, with an easy and short ascent. From the top we can contemplate the valley of the Najerilla and the town of Nájera, apparently close but really distant.

We go down to the crossroads of the N-120 road and continue to the Poyo de Roldán, where the legendary combat between Roldán and the giant Ferragut took place.

Beyond this point, we will continue along a path that leads to a bridge over the Yalde River, where, after a kilometre and a half, we will reach the Poema del Camino Park, where we can take a break along the way. We continue along the same path until we reach the river Najerilla, which will welcome us to the historic town of Nájera.

To consider

The stage can be shortened by spending the night in the small village of Ventosa; on the other hand, we can save 600 metres without passing through this village by taking a shortcut that is well signposted.

Places of interest

  • Remains of the church of San Juan de Acre – Navarrete
  • Church of San Saturnino – Ventosa
  • Monastery of Santa María la Real -Nájera
  • Najerillense Historical Museum – Nájera
  • Convent of Santa Elena – Nájera

Typical dishes

  • Pocha beans with quail eggs
  • Broths
  • Artichokes sautéed with ham
  • Suckling pig
  • Grilled lamb chops
  • Homemade spicy chorizo
  • Snails Rioja style
  • Stuffed peppers



Logroño Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: C/ Ruavieja, 32 26001 Logroño – La Rioja.

Phone: (+34) 941 239 201

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel in Nájera

Address: Plaza de Santiago s/n 26300 Nájera – La Rioja.

Phone: (+34) 941 360 041

Email: Unavailable

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Town: Navarrete

Povince: La Rioja

Population: 2.935


Town: Nájera

Povince: La Rioja

Population: 8.045