Information about Vilarinho

Vilarinho is a small parish belonging to the Portuguese municipality of Santo Tirso, located in the district of Porto. It is located on the Portuguese Way and stands out for the magnificent historical preservation of its centre. This area still presents today areas that show the rocky substratum of the settlement, as it was distributed during the Middle Ages. The village has few services.

A little history

This small village Vilarinho, preserves in its limits patrimonial elements that date back to the medieval period of the Peninsula. Currently, due to its proximity to Porto, this situation coexists with the expansion of the metropolitan area of Porto, of which it has recently become a part.

What to see and do in Vilarinho

Church and Monastery of São Miguel

It is a classic example of the apogee of the Romanesque style, built in the 11th century. Its architecture presents all the classical constructive elements of the Romanesque period. Inside the church, the Baroque altarpiece on the main altar was added at a later date. It is the most interesting monument in Vilarinho.

Sao Miguel Monastery - Vilarinho

Mapa de Vilarinho