August is approaching and you may already be sweating just thinking about organizing your holidays, but there is a very cool and complete option to enjoy a holiday at ease. Doing the Camino de Santiago in Galicia in this hot month of August is a great holiday alternative, and with this article we want to invite you to know it, with its advantages, which are many, and its drawbacks, which are few and easy to solve. If you have a week or maybe more days of vacation and you are itching for the Camino (be careful, it’s addictive!), read on.

Advantages of going on pilgrimage in August

If you want to experience a Jacobean route and get your Compostela, the Camino de Santiago in Galicia is the ideal destination: the last 100 kilometres of any route, those necessary to get it, run through Galician territory.

Galicia is an Autonomous Community with a rainy and cold climate in autumn and winter, but in spring and especially in summer the temperatures are more pleasant than in other parts of Spain, with thermometers that in general oscillate between 20º and 30º. The proximity to the sea and the existence of numerous rivers and streams help to make the environment cooler.

A Bridge on the path

As August is a warm month, carrying your backpack will be easier than at other times of the year, as you can do without the bulky and heavy warm clothes and rain gear that are essential in the non-summer months.

In relation to this, there is less chance of rain, with sunny days and intense blue skies. Walking without getting wet is much better than walking in the rain, as it is more comfortable and you can experience 100% of the sensations that the pilgrimage entails. Even on the roads coming from the North, such as the English Way, the Camino del Norte or the Camino Primitivo, rainfall is much lower than in winter.

In addition, the days are longer, and you will be able to enjoy more hours of sunlight, which will allow you to walk more kilometres or, on the other hand, you can also stop more and enjoy the natural environment and the artistic heritage.

A summer without bathing is not summer. On the different routes to Santiago de Compostela you will have the opportunity to have a swim, either on beaches or in rivers, depending on the route you choose. The Portuguese Way passes through towns where you have beaches, and you also have the variant along the coast, with the Atlantic Ocean on your left, which will offer you even more beaches in the first stages. The same happens with the Finisterre and Muxía Way, which in its final stages will surprise you with the fabulous beaches of the “Costa da Morte”. Your feet and legs will be grateful for a refreshing dip.

Finisterre coast

In summer, and especially in August, the influx of pilgrims is greater, and you will have the opportunity to meet many new people from different parts of Spain and the world. The French Way from Sarria is the main “highway” of pilgrims, a real Tower of Babel. This will allow you to get to know other cultures, cuisines and even practice that foreign language that you have a little rusty. Besides, with so many people, you might fall in love with a pilgrim (and it wouldn’t be the first time it happens). You can even start a group tour and ensure a few days of good vibes with new people from the very first day.

One of our organized groups in a road

A very powerful attraction is the celebration of the different festivals in Galicia, either in cities or smaller towns. Galicia is very popular for festivals, and in this map you can check all the festivals that you can find during your trip. In addition, this year 2021 is a Holy Year, as well as 2022, and with the program “O son do Camiño” and the agenda of the Xacobean Council you can enjoy all the concerts and cultural events that the Biennium will offer you to do this Way in August. Not only patron saint festivals, but also gastronomic festivals, which in Galicia are numerous and offer quality products.

If you decide to do the Camino by bike or with your best four-legged friend, August is also a very good time. As it is a warmer climate, the ground will be drier and will make the crossing easier for you.

Inconveniences of the pilgrimage in August

We have mentioned that the Camino is very busy in August, which can be an inconvenience when booking accommodation if you don’t plan ahead. To give you an idea, in August 2019 a total of 62814 pilgrims were registered at the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela, about 2000 a day. To avoid spending the night out in the open, it is advisable to pre-book accommodation and any extra services you may need, such as backpack transport. However, we can help you in this task and offer you the best accommodations and services.

We have also mentioned that the Galician weather in August will be dry, sunny and hot, but in general the temperatures will not be scorching. However, there are solutions to avoid or counteract the high temperatures of the central hours of the day: start very early the stages, seek shade, wear a cap or hat, plenty of water and sunscreen, avoid asphalt routes, etc., are tips that if you follow will greatly facilitate your adventure.

Flower along the Camino and pilgrims behind

In short, we believe that the balance is very positive, and pilgrimage in August in Galicia is a delight for the senses, with a pleasant and cool climate, a unique gastronomy, an exceptional natural and historical heritage and a festive atmosphere almost every day. If you are thinking of a different kind of holiday, contact us, we are experts in offering a personalized and unforgettable experience on the Camino de Santiago.