Nowadays the Camino de Santiago has become an accessible journey for all kinds of people, groups and ages without any kind of discrimination. In recent years it has experienced a growing modernization of its infrastructures in terms of signposting, conditioning of the paths, conservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage, but also in the quality and variety of the services offered to pilgrims. Today we tell you how luggage Transport works.

Although there are many pilgrims who decide to carry their backpacks on their backs for hundreds of kilometres, more and more are choosing to contract the luggage transport service. Whether for health reasons, to prevent injuries, because you need to carry more weight than you can carry or simply for comfort, the truth is that it has become one of the most demanded services on the Camino de Santiago.

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How does the luggage transport work?

This service is included in all our trips, with no need for additional hiring.

Once your reservation has been confirmed, we will send you home with the credential some stickers that you must cover with the following data:. Name and surname, contact telephone number, town and name of the accommodation you have been assigned. Once you have filled in the s