The Aragonese Way, is one of the sections of the French Way, and part of the Port of Somport (Huesca). There are a total of four pilgrimage routes that depart from France to reach the province of Galicia and embrace the Apostle. It is said that this Way joins with the rest in the Puente de la Reina, but really next to the Navarrese Way, there is only one that joins in the hermitage of San Salvador, in the town of Óbanos.

This route has a total of 170 kilometers through the provinces of Huesca, Zaragoza and Navarre to join the Camino Navarro. From that point you will share the French route. During six stages, the pilgrim will be able to cross one of the four Jacobean paths that was already used by the pilgrims of the Middle Ages the Via Tolosana. Part of the French town of Arles to the port of Somport, being the southernmost of the four Jacobean routes that reach the Peninsula.

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At the same time, the pilgrim will enjoy incredible and different landscapes at each stage. You will find different locality, you will make a journey through its history, its tradition and legends.


The Aragonese Way is not the oldest one that exists. It probably dates back to the 11th century, when the first kings of Aragon decided to rebuild and improve the communications network of their territory. They repaired Roman roads, built bridges, as well as shelters and baths on the main routes. The change was driven by the arrival of pilgrims and travellers at the port of Somport. It was a network of highways and roads with ramifications coming from areas of France, England, Italy, etc. The appearance of religious relics increased the number of monasteries and sanctuaries. This led to the creation of new routes for those pilgrims who were interested in accessing churches and contemplating the miracles of the Camino de Santiago.