The celebration of the day of the Santiago the Apostle the Patron Saint of Spain and Galicia, takes place between the night of July 24th (eve) and during the day of July 25th. Although the feasts last approximately 11 days, since start on July 20 and last until July 31.. It is by far the festival par excellence of all the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

During the different days visitors will be able to enjoy a full programme of entertainment and fun a full programme of leisure and fun. The streets of the city are full of life with numerous activities. Exhibitions, theatrical performances, various spectacles and a large number of musical concerts. A festival in which the religious solemnity coexists with the popular flavour and animation and the animation that turns Santiago de Compostela into a great festival for all ages.

Apostle’s Festival Programme 2021

Already we have at our disposal all the programming for the festivities of the Apostle of 2021, Holy Year Xacobeo. You will be able to consult all the information here.

The planning of the festivities of the Apostle

The big festival days are the 24th and 25th of July. On the night of the 24th there is a impressive spectacle of fireworks and pyrotechnicsknown as Apostle’s FireworksThe fireworks begin at 23:30 hours and can be seen from anywhere in the city, as they are launched from different strategic points of the city.

Among the cultural programme offered by the celebration, the following stand out concerts, monologuesshows, theatre theatre, circus y cinema and open-air cinema, as well as sports competitionssuch as wrenching, drone flying, soccer, etc. As events of the traditional culture and Galician folklore, we highlight the Galician Costume Dayas well as the already mythical giants and big-headed. Of course, there will be events for all agesfrom the youngest to the oldest.

Music, pilgrims!

The concertsperhaps the most attractive for the general public, stand out for their variety, offering a wide range of artists and styles. a wide range of artists and styles ranging from traditional music, pop, world music, jazz, and a long etcetera. Luz Casal with the Real Filharmonía de Galicia, Iván Ferreiro, Marlon and other artists. See the programme, then some events require reservation and/or ticket purchase. Of course, there will be anti-COVID measures.

Luz Casal in the Apostle's festivities

If you are finishing the Camino de Santiago these days and you are contemplating Compostela on its big day, we recommend that you enjoy these festivities, which will leave a sweet taste in your mouthwhich will leave a sweet taste in your mouth in your Jacobean experience and will be a great finishing touch in your pilgrimage.

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