The A-66 Highway known as Autovía de la Silver Route allows you to travel from north to south by car the western part of Spain, starting in Gijón to get to Seville along 809 kilometers. It is the second longest motorway in Spain after the Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7), and it offers a varied compendium of nature, culture and enogastronomy of different regions of Spain.

Not to be confused with the Silver Route a Roman road that covered the route from Emerita Augusta o Merida (Badajoz) to Asturica Augusta o Astorga (León) and through which today pilgrims on pilgrimage from the south of Spain pass on foot, although they only have in common the name and some stretches and cities. The main difference between the two is that The Silver Route is designed to be travelled by motorbike.either by car, motorbike or even motorhome. Shall we start engines?