The Cathedral of Oviedo began its construction at the dawn of the 14th century right on the ruins of a pre-Romanesque basilica and it was King Alfonso II the Chaste who promoted its construction. During medieval times it became an important pilgrimage centre and a must for those on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Its architectural style was based on the predominant gothic style of the time and a flowery touch. It consists of a single 80 m tower. which can be seen from any location in the city of Oviedo, thus having a dominant position.

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The Cathedral of Oviedo in the starting capital of the Primitive Way has several elements that attract the attention of the visitors. Its doors are made of walnut wood with beautiful carvings. In addition, it has a space of greater value known as the Holy Chamber, inside which are some religious relics, so you can see the Holy Ark, the Cross of the Angels, the Holy Shroud, the Ark of the Agates and the Cross of the Victory, while in the lower part there is the Crypt of Santa Leocadia.

Stained glass in the cathedral of Oviedo