A very important asset of the Camino de Santiago, and part of the pilgrim community, is undoubtedly the associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago. Friends, pilgrims, hospitaleros, businessmen, lovers of the Camino and motivated people with no other concern than to take care of the Jacobean routes and the entire social, economic and cultural spectrum that makes it up. We wanted to pay tribute to these pilgrim action groups, and for this purpose in this article we will go deeper into their raison d’être, objectives and initiatives.

What is an Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago?

In its second meaning, the RAE defines “association” as a “group of associates for the same purpose and, where appropriate, a legal entity formed by them”, i.e., a group of individuals who are grouped around a concern to achieve certain objectives. In this case, the concern is the Camino de Santiago, but let’s get to know its objectives.

Established as non-profit institutions, the associations of the Friends of the Camino de Santiago, as we can read in the website of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Friends of the Way of St. JamesThe “represent a praiseworthy effort of private initiatives embarked on the recovery of the pilgrimage to Compostela and the many Pilgrims’ Roads to Santiago that run through Spain”. Generally federated, they all have legal statutes and are registered in the corresponding administrative registers, and all this, to protect, conserve and disseminate the different Jacobean routes, their raison d’être.