The development of new technologies in recent years has gone at breakneck speed, offering us more and more new technological utilities for everyday life. Today our mobile phones are like computers and give many features, such as mobile applications, which are very useful for day to day, and also are for the Camino de Santiago, and you can find many applications that you should download because they can be very useful during the pilgrimage.

There are different types of applications, according to the utility they present, most of them being guide applications on the Camino de Santiago. We are going to see some of them that, according to our own experience, we consider to be the most useful.

Tool Path

A complete and simple mobile application is free to use and is available for Android and for iPhone. It has user ratings of 4 out of 5 stars on both media, as it works very well and offers regular updates. When you open it, it shows you the map of the Iberian Peninsula with the different existing paths and many variants; even little known paths appear that are not shown in the official statistics of the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago de Compostela. This map indicates with a dark blue line the route of the path, and in lighter blue the variants and complementary paths.

Camino Tool, an app you can trust on the Camino

You can move around the map and consult information about the localities and the services that can be found on the stretch where you are: hostels, accommodation, bars, restaurants, etc. It even has direct links to consult and book accommodation. In big and important cities, such as Santiago de Compostela, it shows you places of interest, monuments, tourist offices, shops, tourist agencies, etc. In many of these points also gives you the possibility to contact them, either by WhatsApp or other means.

As a novelty with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has a filter-button that, when activated, shows you all the services that are adapted to the new reality of this pandemic. Not only this filter, but others such as the chosen route, price ranges, locations, etc., can be very useful when organizing your adventure.

Todos los viajes para hacer el Camino de Santiago con tu perro

Buen Camino

The Editorial Buen Camino is a historical company in offering help to pilgrims. Since 2011, on the basis of the website created in 1999 App Buen Camino by the journalist and pilgrim Carlos Mencos at the University of Navarra, winner of the 2015 Aymeric Picaud prize for the dissemination of the Camino de Santiago. It works very well and offers regular updates, and offers the pilgrim a complete information support about the Camino de Santiago.

Available for free for Android y iPhone shows you on a map the different existing roads, even the most unknown, but one by one. In the main menu you can choose the route, download it and enjoy the complete information offered. Once on the map, you will see the route of the path with a yellow line, showing the variants and complementary paths in orange or blue.

In addition to providing information on hostels, accommodation, bars, restaurants, services, etc., it shows and comments on special places, describing the route in detail and even warning of the dangers you may encounter along the way. It is like a modern Codex Calixtinus.

Very useful is the stage planner, which by default offers you a division of stages that you can edit and customize to your liking. It also offers information about the route, index of localities, profiles of stages, etc., and even the possibility of contacting the authors and developers of the application, to request information or to offer them updated information about any novelty in the route that you have identified.

A very well rated application by the users of the different supports (almost 5 stars) that can be very useful in your pilgrimage experience.

Google Arts & Culture

Within the application Google Arts & Culture you can check the Camino de Santiago theme called ¡Buen Camino! which was recently released and which we reported on at an article.

Available for Android e iPhone,this application is free and is the great novelty of the American giant in terms of the Camino de Santiago. Created in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia for this Holy Year 2021, it offers all kinds of information about the Jacobean routes, photographs, videos and more.

Google on the Camino de Santiago

Gronze Maps

In the last few weeks has appeared the application of Gronze a reference in the Camino de Santiago. It’s still in testing, and here you can check how the Beta version is working. We anticipate that, when you run it, a map appears with all the roads in Spain and even in Europe, and zooming in you can consult different information. It is available for Android and for iPhone. We will be watching to enjoy it 100%.

Solicita tu presupuesto para el Camino de Santiago

Other non-guide applications

We can mention other applications that, unlike the previous ones, are not so much guides but, as they have a social network component, they can be useful for you. These are hiking “tracks” recording applications, which users use to record their routes and share them with others. Many times there are paths of Santiago registered by the users, and they can be useful to guide you.

Some free examples are Wikiloc (available at Android y iPhone), very useful and accurate, with mileage and elevation log; Relive (available at Android y iPhone), not as technically accurate but offers you the possibility to turn your crossings into spectacular videos; Gaia GPS (available at Android y iPhone), perhaps the most accurate of these three.

A novelty in this year 2021 is the application developed by the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Digital Pilgrim’s Credential an initiative launched to replace the classic physical credential and avoid contacts, as a habit arisen as a result of COVID-19. Available for Android y iPhone The app is free, but for each route you take you will have to pay 1,50€ as a credential.

The pilgrim's credential app

Many more alternatives can be found in the app stores, where you can check the ratings that other pilgrims give and decide which application to use. We want to make your Camino easier and we inform you about those applications that, from our experience, can be useful for your next Camino de Santiago.