As you know, Galicia is very coastal, with the Cantabrian Sea to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the West. According to the INE, it has around 1498 kilometres of coastline divided between its three provinces with coastline, namely Lugo, A Coruña and Pontevedra, being the leading region of Spain in this sense. In addition, this coastline differentiates the Rías Altas, from Ribadeo to Finisterre, and the Rías Baixas, from Finisterre to A Guarda. Beyond the gentle estuaries, in Galicia you will find wild cliffs, and, of course, some of the best and most fabulous beaches.

In this article we are going to recommend you the best beaches in Galicia, many of which will offer you more than just a good swim. For this selection, which is not easy, we will travel from North to South.

Las Catedrales Beach (Ribadeo, Lugo)

Its real name is Playa de Augas Santas, but due to its characteristic morphology, reminiscent of the arches and naves of a cathedral, it is known as Playa de las Catedrales, the best in the region of A Mariña lucense. A real work of art, in fact it has been declared a Natural Monument and is a Site of Community Interest. Situated just after entering Galicia from Asturias, overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, it is about 10 kilometres from the city and capital of the municipality to which it belongs in the province of Lugo. Ribadeo is the city and capital of the municipality to which it belongs in the Province of Lugo, and one of the main towns of the The North Way. This beach is one of the most visited places in Galicia, and in fact in high season, due to the large influx of tourists is necessary to book, free of charge, if you want to visit. You must do it, and in this link you can find out how, but make sure the tide is low, otherwise you won’t appreciate it as it deserves.