Information about Lalín

This municipality of the interior of the province of Pontevedra of about twenty thousand inhabitants, is the biggest municipality of all Pontevedra, and the fourth biggest of Galicia. Located in an archaeologically rich region, it has the highest concentration of forts in the whole of Galicia.

Considered as the kilometre zero of the autonomous community, as it is located in the geographical centre of Galicia, the town of Lalín is a strategic and historical enclave in the community, which is why its enormous gastronomic, festive and leisure offer stands out. It is also located on the Camino Sanabrés.

But Lalín not only has party, music and leisure, but its natural environment bathed by the Serra do Candán, and its architectural and cultural offer, make Lalín one of the most important cities of the Camino de Santiago.

What to see and do in Lalín

Ramón María Aller Ulloa Museum

With almost 30 years behind it, this is the museum par excellence of the locality, and it is said that this place was conceived as an attempt to build an astronomical observatory. Nowadays, there are cultural exhibitions dedicated to astronomy, as well as different art exhibitions. In addition, this museum boasts a permanent exhibition hall that hosts artists from all over the world.

Ramón María Aller Ulloa Museum - Lalín

Los Castros

And yes, we say “the forts” because Lalín has the honour of being the town with the most pre-Romanesque forts in the whole of Galicia. So much so, that we can spend a whole day visiting all these architectural sites of the Iron Age. Among them we emphasize the Castro de Doade and the Castriño de Bendoiro.

Castros - Lalín

The Pazo de Liñares

This seventeenth century manor house was inhabited by the Taboada family until the twentieth century, where some illustrious celebrities such as Emilia Pardo Bazán stayed. Today it has been extensively restored and converted into an Asset of Cultural Interest, which we can visit and enjoy. Inside we can find the puppet museum, where we find puppets from all over the world, and a thematic library of the most important in the country.

Casa do Patrón Ethnographic Museum

This very interesting museum has a group of buildings that represent the traditional life of a Galicia that is almost extinct. This journey through time to the most rural Galicia collects more than 4000 pieces of agriculture, livestock and, in general, the life of yesteryear in the Galician community.

The famous cocido

If there is something that is famous in Lalín it is not the pazos or the castros, but the cocido (stew). It is said that Lalín prepares one of the best Galician stews in existence, and the people of Lalín are proud of it. They even have a statue commemorating the pig that gives flavor to such an illustrious stew.

Stew - Lalín

The Technological Castro

This town has so many forts to visit that it has the luxury of having a contemporary castro, built by Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón. This castro of contemporary architecture has been awarded several times, and it is part of the town centre of the municipality.

The recreational area of Mouriscade

And not only are there museums in Lalín, but we also have outdoor enjoyment on the banks of the river Asneiro, with an area full of picnic areas where you can stop to spend a relaxing day while listening to the running of the waters. Not to mention the two hiking trails that are located here. The circular route of Doade and the linear route of Alto de Deza.

Mouriscade - Lalín

Your natural space

As one of the protagonists of Lerense’s natural environment, Lalín has an infinity of beautiful natural places to visit, among which we highlight places like Carballeira do Rodo or Fraga do Catasós.

Mapa de Lalín