Pola de Allande

Information about Pola de Allande

Pola de Allande is the capital of the council of Allande, the most inland municipality of the Comarca Vaqueira, one of the most unknown of Asturias. It has a mountainous relief, which highlights its landscapes and villages of incomparable and archaic beauty.

Its rugged territory is structured by the Sierra de los Lagos, which divides Allande into twoareas with different history, cultural traits and languages. Both areas are known as Palo p’aco and Palo p’aló, since the Puerto del Palo is the border between them.

For pilgrims on the Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago de Compostela, finding a place like Pola de Allande along the way is a real gift. A village that welcomes the pilgrim with a track that was formerly in disuse and that the City Council has enabled to eliminate sections of road and which has installed a fountain. But the best thing about coming to this town is not to pass through but to stay.

What to see and do in Pola de Allande

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