Camino Francés - Navarrete

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Navarrete is a town located in the heart of the Ebro Valley, very close to the capital of La Rioja and situated on the French Route. It is a picturesque village that is sometimes overshadowed by the interest aroused by the cities that surround it, but it shines with its own light. Its historic centre is enchanting, its wine culture seduces and its tranquillity gives rise to rest and contemplation.

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The hospital of San Juan de Acre

Navarrete has always been a place of passage for pilgrims and its history is strongly linked to the French Way. Therefore, the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St. John had a hospital for pilgrims in the vicinity of the village, the one that concerns us. These facilities consisted of a church, guest house and monastery. There is no longer any trace of the Romanesque building, but part of its foundations are preserved in the part of the church.

Hospital San Juan Acre - Navarrete

The Historic Center

The historic centre of the town of Navarrete is located in the streets bounded by the wall. Inside this historic enclosure, or what is left of it, there are houses of heritage value, many of them perfectly preserved after being rehabilitated for use as hotels or public buildings. A stroll through these streets is perfect to get lost in on a quiet afternoon.

Historic Center - Navarrete

The Hermitage of Santa María de Jesús

This hermitage remains as the church of the cemetery, it is next to the remains of the front of the old hospital of San Juan. It is a Romanesque chapel with many additions. This is because it has recently been restored, also recovered the old tradition of making an annual pilgrimage. All this has contributed to the fact that it is in very good condition and worth a visit.

Ermina Santa María de Jesús - Navarrete

The castle and the ramparts

With the mission of defending Navarrete, on the Tedeón hill, it is known that there was a fortification of which there are no remains left. Completing the defensive system, the town had a belt of walls with 7 gates, protected by cubes. At present the walls are not preserved, but their foundations have been used for new buildings. Thus you can find some arcades that are built on the old wall and are part of the current landscape.

The Hermitage of Santa María del Buen Suceso

Of this hermitage only a ruin remains, a little poorly preserved. It is in the middle of the countryside and next to a road, the vegetation can make it slightly difficult to see. It is one of the remains that give a glimpse of Navarrete’s past, but which were not fortunate enough to be restored in time.

Santa María de Buen Suceso Chapel - Navarrete

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