Camino Francés - Lavacolla

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Lavacolla is a village that belongs to the parish of Sabugueira in Santiago de Compostela, it is very well known because the airport of Santiago is located there and also because it is the last stage of the French Way. This town has a great Jacobean tradition due to its essential location and also has a heritage of interest that invites you to stop along the way.

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The church of San Pelayo de Sabugueira

Although Lavacolla is a small town the truth is that it offers some samples of heritage that can be interesting. In this case, it is a classicist style church that was built in 1840. It has a rectangular floor plan and a semicircular skylight.

Church of San Pelayo Sabugueira - Lavacolla

The transept with a seated Christ

A few metres from the parish church of San Pelayo de Sabugueira, mentioned above, there is a cross with a seated Christ. It is a religious monument that is very traditional in Galicia and can be seen in different forms throughout the territory of this community.

The Lavacolla stream

This stream of the river Sionlla is located in the town of Lavacolla. In this place tradition says that pilgrims washed before going to the Cathedral, it is thought that this was done in the past as a general rule.

Arroyo - Lavacolla

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