Belorado French Way

Information about Belorado

The Jacobean town of Belorado belongs to the province of Burgos, and is located in the east of the province between the Sierra de la Demanda and the border with the autonomous community of La Rioja.

The birth of this beautiful historic village has been linked to an ancient medieval castle that controlled the passage through the Ebro valley to the plateau during the Reconquest; for this reason it is recognized as a strategic place. An interesting fact in the history of Belorado is that it was the first place in Spain to hold a fair. This event took place in 1116 and permission was granted by King Alfonso I of Aragon.

The village of Belorado is of Celtiberian origin and is for many, one of the main stops on the Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago de Compostela. This popularity has not been earned in vain; it has beautiful details to know and therefore, it deserves a slow and quiet visit so that you do not miss any of its attractions.

What to see and do in Belorado

The Main Square of Belorado

It stands out for its characteristic porticoes and stately houses. The central kiosk and the promenade that surrounds this square are the centre of the life of the place and the characteristic atmosphere of the Camino de Santiago is always present. You will also find there a digital centre designed to provide all the information pilgrims