Mansilla de las Mulas French Way

Information about Mansilla de las Mulas

Located in the eastern part of the province of León, in the region of Esla-Campos, very close to the capital, is Mansilla de Las Mulas with its more than 1700 inhabitants. This interesting village had a glorious past that is exhibited in each of its corners, which have witnessed the passage of pilgrims on their way to Santiago since the Middle Ages.

This region has well preserved medieval urban structure and an important part of the walled enclosure that you will love to appreciate. If you are a pilgrim following the Aragonese Way you will be able to enter through one of the four gates of the old wall, that is to say, through the gates of the castle that still preserve their side walls.

Since its time of splendour in the Middle Ages, Mansilla de Las Mulas has been famous for welcoming pilgrims with great hospitality, which is why here you will see seven churches, a pilgrims’ house, three hospitals and two monasteries.