If we are lovers and free defenders of animals we must take into account associations such as APACA. There are thousands of non-profit associations and animal protectors in Spain, with the sole purpose of helping those animals that are abandoned.

APACA, was created in 2015 and is a Galician animal protection with a single purpose, to help all those animals that have been abandoned by their owners. According to their motto, In APACA, Recollemos, Coidamos e Rehubicamos, or what is the same thing, in APACA, we collect, take care of and look for a home for them.

This association was created due to the situation of helplessness of the animals in Galicia, since the authorities did not make nor take charge of their care, relocation or even provide shelters for them. Throughout this article we will delve deeper into this association and its projects, and if we want to get involved in the cause we will tell you how.


Among the multiple causes for which this protector overturns, the main one in charge is the salvation of the animals that are abandoned. Since its creation they receive more and more animals every year. Sometimes too many, and it is difficult for them to be able to attend to all of them since there is no government agency to help them.

However, thanks to the work they do, about 80% can be adopted and placed in a good home. They all have a right to a happy life. They’re mainly in charge of:

Pick up and take care of abandoned dogs on the Camino de Santiago. They are in charge of checking if their health is in danger, feeding them, washing them and giving them a roof over their heads so that they can be warm and safe.

Look for people to adopt them, since not everyone is trained or has a suitable place for the animal. For both adoption and foster care, the protector tries to choose a good home, a better life.

Carry out awareness campaigns, both by keeping the animals and explaining the situation in which they find themselves or why not abandon them. The protector denounces the inactivity of the public administration and takes the reins to raise awareness of the issue.

We talk about the main activities of the protector taking into account that not long ago his creation and that his interest is to ensure the protection of animals without government assistance. But their activity goes much further, and day by day they work on more and more projects, growing as an entity and above all as people.

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As we learn more about the association, we may ask ourselves the most essential question. If they don’t receive money for the facilities, care and other materials they need, how do they do it? Well, thanks to their dissemination and awareness campaigns, more and more people are collaborating in one way or another according to their possibilities or availability.

Its main activity is developed in Santiago de Compostela, but this does not prevent us from helping and collaborating from any part of Spain or the World. Helping is a word that knows no boundaries or limitations.


Unfortunately, this world moves mainly with economic power and it is something fundamental for APACA to continue with its work and continue saving lives. Each grain of sand counts, so it is possible to make an economic donation of the amount you want to be able to collaborate if you have no other means. Not only can we make a financial donation, but we can also donate material as needed, every act counts.


Cheer up and get involved. APACA has thought about the possibilities of each person, and it is true that sometimes. Many people want to volunteer and help as much as they can, but it is impossible for them all year round. For this reason you have two options. The first of these is to be so throughout the year, in which you will be trained and will fulfill the five-day attendance commitment. You will be in charge of various tasks that will be entrusted to you and rotated with other volunteers (taking care of the animals, their hygiene, cleaning facilities, etc.). The second option is for all those people who can only a certain time during the year. This volunteering takes place in the summer months, when there is a greater volume of abandoned and collected animals.


Be responsible, a dog is not a whim or a toy. If you choose this type of help, you will receive one of the animals that are in the shelter. Not only would you help the protector, you will give a full and happy life to your new life partner. Perhaps it is the option that can call our attention the most and the one that completes us the most day by day.


Firstly, what is this aid? Well, it is an online tool responsible for collecting small donations of 1 euro a month. Teaming’s philosophy is that we can’t do much alone, but together we’ll do great things.

Become a member

Entering the page of the protector you can fill out the form to become a member, the monthly fee is decided by you between 5, 9 or 15 euros.


For years now, pilgrims from all over the world who make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela have been denouncing the number of loose or abandoned dogs that find their way to Santiago de Compostela. This refuge is mainly responsible for the collection and care of animals that are abandoned or lost along the Camino. It denounces the situation which, year after year, is getting worse and tries to provide the means to control it.

Most of the dogs they welcome come from the Camino, which is why APACA immersed itself in a quite striking project, the creation of a special credential for dogs. Our agency wanted to collaborate, because every day more and more people want to take the road accompanied by their faithful friend.


If you decide to do the Camino de Santiago with your dog, don’t hesitate to get the credential specially created for him. Just like the pilgrim’s credential that we will wear when making the Way and that we will seal. Our dog will seal his credential in the same way. Thanks to the protector and to this great project, our friend and faithful companion will be able to obtain in the office to the arrival to Santiago, his canine Compostela.

Turn your pet into a real pilgrim, he also has the right to leave his mark on the road.


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