The The Camino de Santiago is not only characterized, to call it in some way, for the “legend of the apostle Santiago”. but through all its long years of history there have been many events that touch that thin line between the mystical and the real that legends represent so well.

It is not something that surprises us, because these stories, real or not, perfectly represent the magic of the Camino and the feeling that anything can happen on it. In fact, it is the route itself that allows these events to happen, because whether you are religious or not, the truth is that you will find yourself surrounded by that magic, by that touch of mysticism that characterizes this beautiful pilgrimage.

Now we will tell you the most famouslegends of this tour.

The legend of Poyo de Roldán

One of the most famous legends of the Camino is that of the Battle of Roland. As always when a knight of the Middle Ages intervenes on the scene, a dragon, a giant or a gigantic beast has to appear. In this case the knight Roland had to face the giant Ferragut, who was said to be a direct descendant of Goliath. Ferragut had fought the best troops of Charlemagne’s army, however, he was no match for Roland’s wit and bravery in battle.

Roland spotted the giant sitting at the door of his castle and went to the fight. Just like David, Roland only needed a single stone to defeat the giant. From that moment the hill is called Poyo de Roldán.

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The Miracle of the Rooster and the Hen

Among all the legends of the Camino, this is one of our favourites. The protagonist of this legend is a young German named Hugonnel, a former pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. French Way on his way through