Information about Pamplona

Pamplona, also known as Iruña, is the capital of Navarre (or Nafarroa). A place of Basque foundation, a people whose descendants still preserve the ancient pre-Indo-European language: Euskera.

Pamplona is a beautiful city full of heritage and with a great festival of the caliber of the San Fermines. However, what will make you fall in love with the city the most are its people and its atmosphere.

What to see and do in Pamplona

The walls and the Citadel

Visiting the fortification surrounding the old town is a must for all visitors. These star-shaped walls are catalogued as one of the best examples of Renaissance military architecture in Spain. Take your time to enjoy this 5 kilometre walk through walls, gates and battlements.

One thing that will surprise you is that this defensive area of the city is perfectly integrated into the daily life of the people of Pamplona. There are even lifts that connect the space outside the city walls with the old town next to the city walls.