The beautiful town of Artieda is recognised as a Spanish municipality in the highlands of the Pyrenees, on the edge of the Camino de Santiago. It is located within the province of Zaragoza in the Autonomous Community of Aragon.
This village is located on a hill on the south side of the valley known as the Berdún Canal, near the Yesa dam and is designed as a fortified village that still retains its medieval character over the years.

Quieres hacer el camino de santiago y no sabes por donde empezar

This stop in your tour is characterized by presenting a traditional architecture of the mountain areas of Aragon, complemented by Renaissance buildings. Here you will find more of a beautiful construction to admire, landscapes to tour and a unique hospitality that will make Artieda remain in your memories to culminate your adventure to Santiago.

What to see and do in Artieda?

One of the attractions of the area is its natural environment, here the climate is Mediterranean continental dry, but in the mountains you can enjoy quite low temperatures. The Aragon River, which originates in Somport, crosses the limits of Artieda and dips into the Yesa reservoir, creating an ideal environment for hiking.
One of the most popular tourist trails is the GR-63.3, which passes through the Aragonese Way to Santiago and crosses the town.

Que ver y hacer en Artieda

Other wonders to enjoy in this region are its architectural works, among which we can mention the church of a single nave dedicated to San Martin consecrated, which dates from Romanesque times. You can enjoy the chapels built in the seventeenth century and the altar also organized between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
In addition to the parish church, there are also several hermitages in the municipality: Ermita de San Pedro, Ermita de San Babil, Ermita de Santa Lucía, Ermita de Santa Cruz and Ermita de San Tornil.
Another important building is the Casa de los Diezmos, which was built by the donation of the royal couple Sancho Garcés and Queen Toda in the year 918.
You should also see the Artieda Hospital, which existed before the destruction of the population in 1137 and was rebuilt in 1206.

Where to eat?

In this town you will find several options to taste some excellent dishes of regional cuisine. Here are some of the sites best rated by visitors.

Restaurant Casa Artieda

Visitors classify this place as a homey place with a good menu, at an affordable price. Its dining rooms are ample, fast service and excellent service.

Artieda Hostel-Restaurant

Here you will find home-cooked food prepared with a good style, pleasant attention and you have the option to sleep here, as it offers you an excellent and complete hostel service.

Major 25

It is a beautiful establishment where you will find a tasty menu of bar products, restaurant and tapas. Here the gastronomy of the place is valued and the products harvested right here.

Where can I sleep?

In this small but cozy and historic city you will find several options to stay and spend an excellent night. Each visitor to Artieda comments on how well taken care of they have been. Here are some options.

Artieda Hostel-Restaurant

If you want a place with free Wi-Fi, laundry service, suitable for children and a renowned Restaurant and Bar, this is the place for you.

Pedro Rural House

This is a cozy and charming place very well appreciated by its visitors, who claim to have received excellent attention.

Blasco House

Here you will be able to sleep in a very well-kept and cozy house, enjoy beautiful spaces for the organization of events and a delicious picnic area.

How to get to Artieda?

There are 12 airports near Artieda, the closest being Pamplona, 36 km away. In addition to the airports, there are other travel options available. You can arrive from various origins by taxi, own or rented car and bus service.
Pilgrims on the Aragonese route could pass through Artieda on the stage to Sangüesa. From Artieda, the route descends a gentle slope that, after 10 kilometres of flat terrain, enters the village of Ruesta.