If there is something to be recognized to the autonomous community of Aragon, it is its natural landscapes, its great monuments, its connoted historical legacy and, of course, its exquisite gastronomy. But also, its 20 thousand kilometers of perfectly marked trails with international marks such as PR, GR and SL that have gained great popularity among billions of tourists every year, with the permission of the routes of the Camino de Santiago. These are some of the most beautiful trails in Aragón.

And to find out which are the most charming tourist trails in Aragon, you will have to take a look at this guide that we will show below. If you join the adventure in this impressive region located in the north of Spain and whose main cities are Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca, you will love every second of the journey and you will enjoy every corner visited.

Without further ado, prepare your luggage and discover with us the most spectacular hiking trails you have ever done before.

Discover the best hiking trails in Aragon

Waterfall in the forest

The word trail is undoubtedly a favorite word in the community of Aragon and is that hiking is one of its main activities, so it has gained special value in recent years.

So much has been its impact that in 2012 was emanated the Decree of Tourist Trails of Aragon and later the Manual of Tourist Trails of Aragon. And here, some favorite routes:

Ruta de las Pasarelas de Alquézar.