If there is something to be recognized to the autonomous community of Aragon, it is its natural landscapes, its great monuments, its connoted historical legacy and, of course, its exquisite gastronomy. But also, its 20 thousand kilometers of perfectly marked trails with international marks such as PR, GR and SL that have gained great popularity among billions of tourists every year, with the permission of the routes of the Camino de Santiago. These are some of the most beautiful trails in Aragón.

And to find out which are the most charming tourist trails in Aragon, you will have to take a look at this guide that we will show below. If you join the adventure in this impressive region located in the north of Spain and whose main cities are Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca, you will love every second of the journey and you will enjoy every corner visited.

Without further ado, prepare your luggage and discover with us the most spectacular hiking trails you have ever done before.

Discover the best hiking trails in Aragon

Waterfall in the forest

The word trail is undoubtedly a favorite word in the community of Aragon and is that hiking is one of its main activities, so it has gained special value in recent years.

So much has been its impact that in 2012 was emanated the Decree of Tourist Trails of Aragon and later the Manual of Tourist Trails of Aragon. And here, some favorite routes:

Ruta de las Pasarelas de Alquézar.

Viewpoint of Alquezar

This is one of the best trails you will find in Aragon. It is a circular route that will take you to the Vero River Canyon. It stands out for the countless footbridges and small stairs that will make the tour a dazzling activity. It is ideal for the whole family and includes 2.5 kilometers of path to be covered in 1 hour.

Alquézar – Asque tourist trail

This route connects two beautiful places such as Alquézar and Asque. The route is between the towns of Finisterre and Ampurias. The route will allow to know charming areas such as the Natural Way of Somontano and Fuendebaños bridge. It is a family route of low difficulty.

Balcony of Pineda and Ibón of Marboré

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most charming routes in the world. It is a linear route of 15.7 kilometers with a duration of 8 hours and 46 minutes. It is located in San Juan de Plan, in the city of Huesca.

The path will take you to the Refugio de la Pineda. After crossing several stretches of beautiful forest, you will finally reach the Balcón de Pineda. Now, if you go a little further up, you will have the opportunity to visit Ibón de Marboré

Anchar de Alano

Anchar de Alano

It is a circular route of the Zuriza Valley in Huesca, with 6.76 kilometers to complete in a time of 3 hours and 33 minutes. You will visit the Petraficha ravine. Then, you will reach the Texeras Pass until you finally arrive at the Anchar de Alano, which is nothing more than a kind of toboggan located between two large peaks.

Where to eat?

If after a long and exhausting day discovering the most charming tourist trails of Aragon you have run out of energy, we recommend our selection of restaurants to get your strength back with a delicious meal and continue exploring the region.

Coco & Bibi

It is located in Andres Piquer street, 8 500006, Zaragoza, Spain. It is one of the favorite restaurants of diners for its fine service and pleasant atmosphere. But it also stands out for its menu and pleasant seasoning.

For starters, we suggest acorn ham with glass bread or apple partridge. Also, enjoy a delicious cod ajoarriero with cocochas and cooked eggs, or a beef tenderloin with boletus sauce.

La Chera

In Huesca, right on Martínez de Velasco Avenue is La Chera. It is a high-end restaurant and highly recommended, where the menu stands out for its variety and good taste. It starts with some delicious salads or chicken croquettes, and then gives way to a delicious veal cutlet with baked potatoes.

But if you like other dishes, take a look at the menu. If you still have room to spare and want to enjoy a good dessert, delight yourself with a white chocolate soup.

Casa Arcas Restaurant

It offers a menu of the day on a regular basis. If you make a quality / price ratio you will realize that it is worth it. A delicious appetizer can be a cream of anchovies and cheese or a tartlet of mushrooms and Iberian ham.

You can not miss the starters because they are finger-licking good. And not to mention the main courses. We recommend a rib of milk veal with potato dumplings with three cheeses.

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Where to sleep?

The offer is wide and varied. There is something for all tastes and pockets. In Aragon there are places of accommodation that you will love for its comfort and also for its good price. Here are some of our favorite places:

The Chinebro

It is a rural house that consists of two apartments: Chinebro Milenario to the South and Cerezo del Chinebro to the North. It has capacity for five people and is located in the Benasque Valley. It has super comfortable rooms, well equipped kitchen, bathrooms and fireplace. It is a place to rest and disconnect.

Hotel Pelafox

For those who love luxury and 5 star hotels, the Pelafox is a great option. It is located in the heart of the city of Zaragoza and stands out for its classic decoration and elegance. If it is within your budget you can stay here after having done some good routes in Aragon.

The Canon’s House

It is a good choice of accommodation. The tourist apartments La Casa del Canónigo are comfortable and shows an incredible architecture. In fact, they are some of the few to present an original Aragonese style. It consists of 6 apartments fully equipped with all the services to guarantee comfort during the whole time you are staying.

How to get there?

There are different ways to get to the autonomous community of Aragon. Land at Zaragoza and Reus airports from any city in Spain if you are happy to travel by air.

By train, the stations of Caspe and Delicias de Zaragoza are available. But if you have decided to travel by car from Madrid you will have to take the N-211 road.

Once in the region, then prepare all your artillery to enjoy the most charming tourist trails of Aragon.

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