As a woman, I’m sure you’ve often chosen the longest but best lit way to get home at night. When you go alone at night, you always have your mobile phone and keys in your hand; you text your friends, family or partner as soon as you arrive, and you often feel insecure. This is a common situation among women: feeling insecure or afraid when we go alone.

So, What can the experience of walking the Camino de Santiago alone give us? How can we manage to overcome our mental barriers and launch ourselves into the adventure? I will now tell you what this experience can help us to achieve. Read on!

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Overcoming our fears

Starting with the basics: overcoming our fears. Doing the Camino de Santiago alone, can be an experience that a priori you do not consider, for fear of going alone. As they say, “fear is free” and everyone can feel fear for different reasons: the simple fact of going alone, the fear of getting lost, feeling insecure?

Even if you feel this way at first and are hesitant, we assure you that walking the Camino alone has more benefits than drawbacks. The road to Santiago is a totally safe environment and loaded with more pilgrims and services, so you will never be alone and you will feel safe at all times. As it is very well signposted, it is practically impossible to get lost.. Also, keep in mind that there will always be another pilgrim nearby walking with you.

However, if you are afraid for these reasons, you can always choose one of the busier routes such as the French or Portuguese Camino, so you will be sure to meet many people throughout each day.

A woman alone on the Road

Overcome ourselves physically and psychologically

If you are not used to doing physical exercise or walking a lot of kilometres, this experience will test you physically and will make you improve day by day. When you finish, we assure you that you will feel much stronger and motivated, and eager to take on anything.

This physical well-being that you will experience will also translate into tremendous mental well-being. Along the way you will overcome your fears and realize that you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Finally, meeting strangers and learning to share with them will help you overcome many mental barriers and insecurities. This will help you trust yourself and others more in the future. There will always be someone to help you if you need it and you will do the same with others, that is the spirit of the path.

Two pilgrims along the way

Advice for women walking the Camino alone

Be cautious: it is important to be informed in advance of the trip we are going to make as well as everything necessary to carry it out. In our blog you will find all the information.

Prepare the luggage well: When we have already decided to do the Camino de Santiago it is essential to know what to take. We must be sure to bring what we need. We help you to know what to put in your backpack.

Which itinerary to do? As we have already mentioned before, if you feel insecure, it is better to start by doing one of the most popular routes such as the French or Portuguese Way. A good idea could also be to do the Camino with your pet.

If you have doubts about planning, look for help: If you don’t know where to start or how to plan your trip, there are specialized agencies that will help you with everything you need.

No more fears! It’s a very safe trip, don’t be fooled. Leave your fears behind, open your mind, and go on this adventure.

Boots of an adventurer in front of the coast

There are many women who have already left their mark on the Camino de Santiago and more and more are following in their footsteps. Brave, adventurous women, eager to take on the world. What are you waiting for to take the plunge into this wonderful adventure?

Ultreia et suseia peregrinas!

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