At this point in the month of December, and with Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about the gifts you want to give to your loved ones, sometimes a somewhat difficult task. As always, we like to help you, and in this article we are going to give you gift ideas for your loved ones, specifically for hiking lovers. As lovers of the Camino de Santiago and hiking, we want to present you some ideas that will help you to surprise and excite your family and friends.

Our top five of original hiking gifts for this Christmas

Trying to avoid classics like trainers, boots or backpacks, we’ve racked our brains and come up with a list of five original gifts for hikers and pilgrims to consider this Christmas. Many of them can be found at pilgrim’s articles shops and many of them also have an online shop, so there are no excuses for not surprising your loved ones. Let’s go to the shopping list.

A fun read

A good book on hiking should not be missing, because in those moments of rest after finishing a stage of a route or a hike,  a relaxing moment with a good book in your hands is always appreciated. Two publications have recently passed through our hands, a novel and a guidebook. Let’s take a look at them.

Bill Bryson is an American writer with many publications on travel, English language and popular science. Although she now lives in England, in 1995 she settled in the United States where, two years later, she published “A walk in the woods” a fun travel book, a novel told in the first person and that makes reference to a real trip that Bryson himself made through the tough American Appalachian Trail (about 3,500 kilometers) in the company of a friend. A real and very funny reading, in which there is no lack of moments of danger with bears, as well as funny scenes where the two protagonists, at the limit of their strength and patience, argue about their crazy adventure.

A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Brayson

Kathleen Meyer is an American writer whose first book was her debut , published in 1989. “How to shit in the bush published in 1989. We apologize for the title, but it is what it is: indeed, with a remarkable load of humor and irreverence, this mountain expert talks about everything related to this act so necessary and that sometimes complicates our hike, if for example we do not have a toilet. It seems silly, but she gives us keys to evacuate in the bush in any situation, as well as identify possible intestinal diseases and take care of nature, because if you read the book you will understand why it is necessary to dig a hole before freeing yourself. With more than three million copies sold in the world for 21 years, the author is updating the book to offer a very useful and fun guide in the mountains.

If you’re thirsty, you drink

Yes, but what if I’m out of water? What if there is a stream or spring but I am not sure if the water is safe to drink? Here we bring you the solution, a convenient and water filter portable water filter that will allow you to drink any water you find on your way. Many hikers and pilgrims are in favor of not carrying water and thus freeing weight from the backpack, but it is very necessary to hydrate. With this item you will no longer have that problem, because with its ergonomic shape and its 57 grams of weight, make it a very useful element in your adventures, and we assure you that no battery will be saved from its filter.

Water filter for hiking

Don’t run out of battery

No, we are not going to talk about the small and portable solar panels that are already very popular on the Camino de Santiago, but we go further. With a solar generator you will not have any problem of low battery, because this small device allows you to accumulate and generate clean and virtually inexhaustible electricity, as long as you have sunlight. With a variety of inputs for USB and other plugs, it is true that it weighs a little, although you have different sizes and powers.

Laundry time

Dirt, mud, sweat, food, wine, maybe blood… many are the threats of stains that your clothes have if you are on an adventure. Washing clothes can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, as you may not have the facilities to do it if you are in the middle of nature. So, so that you don’t have to bend down in the rivers and start scrubbing, we present you with this one wash bag that will make your task much easier. This product offers you a quality machine wash in just a few minutes. You simply put water, clothes and a cleaning liquid in the bag, which you then close and deflate. Then you rub the clothes against the internal washboard for thirty seconds to three minutes, rinse and you’re ready to dry.

And finally, to eat

Snacking is always a bit boring and not very healthy, especially if you do it very often. Making a fire in nature allows us to eat hot and healthy, but it is dangerous for the environment and often forbidden. Yes, there are stoves and gas camping, but they are heavy and you depend on fuel bottles. We have a very good solution, which is a electric wood stove that will give you heat and allow you to cook. This stove runs on electricity, and if you have the electric generator described above, the matter is solved. In addition, it allows you an authentic adventurous experience, because the ignition is made with small wooden branches, and then with its electric fan the fire will grow and you will be happier.

Electric oven

You won’t need a gift voucher

Once the gifts are wrapped, with their dedication, you just have to wait to see the face of your loved ones discovering their present. With these five ideas for Christmas gifts for your loved ones who love hiking you will give a lot of joy and surprises, and for sure you will look like a king with these original and particular gifts. We have tested them, and we guarantee that they will be fun and very useful.

I hope you like it!