Do you want to do the Camino de Santiago and you are looking for equipment? Maybe in your city you can find sports shops that can provide you with the necessary clothing, footwear and backpacks, but you should know that on the internet you can also find what you are looking for in the different online shops for pilgrims’ articles. like you. Whether you are looking for equipment for yourself or if you are looking for a pilgrim gift for a loved one, in this article we will show you the different options you have to buy online all kinds of items related to the pilgrimage of the pilgrimage. Camino de Santiago.

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Our selection of online shops

As regular pilgrims, we have our two favourite shops that we always visit online to stock up on everything we need for our pilgrimage. Camino de Santiago.

At the beginning of the last 100 kilometres of the French Way in the town of Sarria you will find the Pilgrim’s Library a physical store that also has an online store. In its main menu you will be able to find all the products of pilgrim clothing and footwear that offerfor men, women, children, etc. In addition, they also offer typical pilgrim’s material and complements, such as walking sticks, sleeping bags, towels, tents, backpack covers, etc. They also offer books, guidebooks, maps, etc. They even have outlet products in one section. If you are looking for a souvenir or a gift, they also offer tiles, patches, key rings, bracelets, etc… The name says it all, a veritable collection of everything a pilgrim could wish for….

The landscape of the town of Sarria

Pilgrim Ideas is an online store that offers both products needed to make the Camino de Santiago, to gifts, gastronomy and even pilgrim experiences.. With physical store, hostel and cafeteria in Tuiat the beginning of the last 100 kilometers of the Portuguese Way of Santiago are present on all the roads, thanks to its online shop.

Specialists in bicycles

Also we also have our preferences when it comes to bicycles, and we and we are going to recommend you two in particular.

Bikeleón is an online and physical store located in León, which offers everything you need if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago on two wheels. It is a bicycle workshop in the city centre that also offers a bike rental service. Even, they can send you the bike to any place in Spainso that you only have to worry about pedalling and enjoying yourself.

Two pilgrims cycling through León

Bicigrino offers exclusive products for those who do the Camino de Santiago by bicycle.. Jerseys, bib shorts, gloves, helmets, saddlebags, luggage racks and other products necessary for the two-wheeled pilgrim. In addition, they offer services such as insurance, support cars, bicycle transport and others that can be very useful to the bicigrino in his adventure. Not to be missed, there is no shortage of bicycles and e-bikes for sale and rent.

Details to look good

As articles for pilgrims we also understand those that are not so functional, but that serve as gifts, souvenirs, or simply details that you can have with a loved one gifts, souvenirs, or simply details that you can have with a pilgrim loved one.. We recommend shops where you can find very special pilgrim articles.

The Nikis Factory has an online store and physical stores in Santiago de Compostela. The designs of their products are very original and eye-catching, and they are the ideal pilgrim gift. From masks, mugs, pins, etc… to stationery, the range of possibilities is very wide.

La Fábrica de Nikis in Santiago

With unique designs, Jewels of the Way also offers products related to the Way of Santiago the company offers jewellery such as rings, pendants, earrings, earrings, etc., among others. Who knows, a pilgrim proposal in the Plaza del Obradoiro with some of your jewellery with some of her jewellery could be a great surprise.

My way is special because they are dedicated to personalize the products in relation to your Caminoand they sell all kinds of articles in which you can include your you can include the route you didwith its kilometers and stops. Their products are t-shirts, postcards and bags, which you can customize as you like.

O Camino empeza agora is another physical shop in the historic centre of Santiago de Compostela, which offers an original online shop with handicrafts, gastronomy, literature, stationery original online shop with handicraft products, gastronomy, literature, stationery, textile, textiles, etc.etc. More than a technical equipment shop, it would be a very original gift and souvenir shop, with designs inspired by traditional Galician culture.

El baúl del Camino from Valladolid, offers gifts and souvenirs inspired by the Way of Santiago.. T-shirts, jewellery, games and a range of pin models are some of their products.

The Caminoteca of Pamplona also has a website and an online shop with everything the pilgrim may need, as well as souvenirs and many gift well as souvenirs and many gift ideas.

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Non-specific pilgrim tents

If we have a tight budget we can go to Decathlon In our online shop you can find everything you need to do the Camino de Santiago, whatever the means of transport chosen, and with products of different ranges and prices. In their stores you can find all kinds of solutions for any need you may have on the Camino de Santiago, even if you decide to do it in a tent and maximize the adventureeven if you decide to do it in a tent and maximize the adventure.

Correos also offers a line of products related to the Camino de Santiago, from stamps, books, capsfrom stamps, books, caps, patches, fanny packs, umbrellas, and even a pack with a shell, bracelet and credential cover.

As you can see, there are many online store alternatives you have to buy your equipment for the Camino de Santiagoor to find gift ideas for that special pilgrim. Cheer up, get kitted out and let us we make it easier for you!