When we mention Tuscany we think of those immense meadows, with lavender, green and yellow colours, vineyards and small villages where you can get lost, in short, a place to disconnect. Fancy a trip to Tuscany?

But Tuscany is much more than that. This region of Italy, one of the 20 that make up this republic, is located in central Italy and its capital is Florence, in it we will be able to enjoy the art, history, gastronomy and its peculiar geography from the beginning to the end of the trip.

For that reason, and because there is so much to see, we propose a tour of 12 places that we can not miss if we travel to Tuscany. A walk that will take us from Florence to the island of Elba, passing through Pisa, Siena or San Gimignano.

All the routes of the Camino de Santiago

How to get to Tuscany?

The privileged location of Tuscany means that we can reach our destination by road, plane, train or boat. Obviously, the easiest way is to fly by plane and rent a car because, if we really want to get lost in Tuscany and explore its corners, the car will be our best ally.

By plane we will land at Amerigo Vespucci in Florence or Galileo Galilei in Pisa. There are many airlines that have direct flights here and from many places of our geography, besides Madrid and Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga or Seville also offer this possibility.

Here we go!

By car it will take from Madrid, for example, about 22 hours making turns, so this idea is almost discarded if we do not have many days to take advantage of the visit to Tuscany, not in vain are more than 1,600 kilometers from the capital and just over 1,000 from Barcelona.

What is highly recommended is to rent a car at the airport, or bring it already rented from Spain, and take one of the three highways (A-1 Milan-Napoli; A-11 Florence-Sea; and A-12 Genoa-Livorno) that will take us through the route we have planned.

If we choose the train or the bus, we have to know that there is no possibility to travel direct from Spain. What we can d