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Terradillos de los Templarios is a locality and also a hamlet of the municipality of Lagartos, in the region of Vega-Valdavia. It is located on the French Way and is a small Castilian village of less than 100 inhabitants closely linked to the history and tradition of St. James. In this place of myths is located the legend of the famous goose that lays the golden eggs. A quiet village to stroll around, enjoy the surroundings and enjoy the gastronomy.

A little history

The name of Terradillos de los Templarios, with its brick and adobe houses, refers to the “place of small earthen roofs or terraces” that you find when you visit it. It is the town where the legend of the golden goose originates.

It is said in this myth that every year the parish priest of San Esteban de Terradillos de los Templarios went to Santiago to take a golden egg to the chapter. Instead, one day in Compostela they told him that they didn’t want more eggs, they wanted the hen. It was then that the parish priest together with the workers of the temple buried the animal in Torbosillo so that no one could take it away. It should be noted that this town was very important because the Temple, the most renowned Christian military order, was based here.

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St. Peter’s Church

The church of San Pedro is the most interesting religious building in the charming village. It has a single nave structure and a semicircular triumphal arch preceding the presbytery. Of its interior room highlights the altarpiece of the seventeenth century and a crucifix of the fourteenth century.

Church of Santiago Apóstol - Terradillos de los Templarios


The gastronomy of Terradillos de los Templarios is delicious and traditional, so you should not miss the opportunity to taste it. Typical dishes such as crab casserole, roe deer loin with mushrooms, quail in vinaigrette, black pudding or beans. In the traditional confectionery of the town we can find the well-known “rosquillas de Terradillos” (doughnuts).

Gastronomy - Terradillos de los templarios

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