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Information about Melide

In the heart of Galicia we find the town of Melide, which belongs to the province of A Coruña. Place of convergence of two important Jacobean routes, the Primitive Way and the French Way, which merge their routes to reach Santiago de Compostela.

In this town you will find an interesting archaeological heritage, numerous Iron Age forts and important objects that today can be visited in the town’s museum. It is also worth mentioning the monumental heritage of the town, churches, baroque pazos, bridges worthy of admiration as well as a legendary cruceiro.

What to see and do in Melide

The oldest cruceiro in Galicia

The cruceiros in Galicia are part of the landscape being totally integrated in it. According to Castelao, there are more than 10.000 cruceiros in the whole Galician community. We can find them at crossroads, villages, cemeteries, etc. Although each cruceiro has its own meaning, usually the purpose of its construction was to obtain divine graces, to thank favors, for penances, to protect crops or as a form of orientation marking the boundaries of parishes, properties or jurisdictions.

Next to the church of San Roque is the so-called “Cruceiro de Melide”, which for many is the oldest in Galicia, probably dating back to the 14th century. The obverse depicts a seated Christ in Majesty, showing the wounds on his hands and with a cloth covering his legs. The reverse de