Womens on the Camino de Santiago

Do you want to do the Way of St. James alone? You’ve probably thought about it at some point, but you have insecurities and fears. We wonder if it’s easy, if it’s dangerous and if we go alone who will help us. Next we will take you out of doubts and we will take you to take that great decision that will make you discover yourself.

Is it safe to do the Way alone?

Perhaps this is the greatest fear to decide, is the Jacobean route dangerous? We can assure you that the Way of St. James is totally safe. Generally any of Santiago’s itineraries has an equipped network of services (police, medical services, etc) and infrastructures.

We tend to think that if we go alone there’s a better chance that something will happen to us. But the Way is but a small deviation from our daily life. Like you during the journey you will find more pilgrims in the same situation. Even if you walk alone, you won’t feel alone.

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Will I get lost?

At the moment of wondering how I do the Way of St. James this is the most frequent question, will I get lost? We’re outside our comfort zone, so it’s normal for us to be afraid. Getting lost is a possibility that is present in any trip, it is normal that it frightens us. As you already know, there is not only one route to Santiago, but there are different ones with more or less affluence.


No tengas miedo, todos los trazados de las diferentes rutas jacobeas oficiales cuentan con una señalización y un trazado que evitará a cualquier peregrino dudar y perderse. Encontrarás la famosa flecha amarilla además de encontrarte con más peregrinos, perderse es imposible.

Don’t be afraid, all the routes of the different official Jacobean routes have a signposting and a layout that will prevent any pilgrim from doubting and getting lost. You will find the famous yellow arrow as well as more pilgrims, getting lost is impossible.

What if I need help?

We fear that if during a stage we are for example in the middle of the forest and something happens to us when we are alone we will have a problem. It is normal for this to throw us back in the decision but it also depends on the route chosen. There are routes with greater affluence and others with less, but normally we will find more pilgrims who being in the same situation, will lend us help. For a first contact we recommend choosing the French Way, the most traveled.

Will I get through each stage?

Obviously depending on the chosen route, the physical level of difficulty varies. It is normal to think if we are physically prepared to face so many kilometers on foot. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to do it, just prepare a little. There are no obstacles for anyone, the Way is accessible to everyone.

Also we should not worry about the backpack, if we think that we will not be able to walk and carry all the weight. There is a luggage transport that will take your suitcase from accommodation to accommodation so that during the stage you only carry your backpack with the right and necessary. You can hire it before, during the march or if you hire the trip through agency they will take care of everything. You set the limits, not the Way.

Reasons to do in Camino de Santiago alone


Taking any solo trip is a challenge. Embarking on this adventure will help you fend for yourself. Faced with any obstacle or problem that arises we must sharpen our senses and come out successful on our own. You’ll feel stronger and capable of everything.

You will leave your comfort zone

At first it is normal that we feel like fish out of water, especially in the first stage. As we advance and travel through the different landscapes that the Way gives us, our body and mind will adapt. You will isolate yourself from your day to day to transform it for a while into something different. Comfort with the environment and with yourself will grow step by step.

You’ll discover yourself

In our day to day sadly we have to sometimes act and not be ourselves or as we would like. On the way, the best and the worst will come out of you, but it will make you yourself. There is no possibility of hiding, there is no prejudice, each step will lead us to find ourselves.


You’ll meet people

Just because we’re making the trip alone doesn’t mean we are. During the itinerary we will meet pilgrims from different parts of the world. It’s one thing to be alone and another to feel alone.  By walking alone we inevitably do not become closer people. We’ll never know when we’ll need help so they’ll help you and you’ll help. The Way creates bonds, unites, and it is very likely that you will have friends for the rest of your life.


– A cautious woman is worth two. It is important to be informed beforehand of the trip we are going to make as well as everything necessary to carry it out. In our blog you will find all the information.

– Prepare the luggage well. When we have already decided to do the Way of St. James it is essential to know what to take. We have to make sure we bring what’s necessary. We help you know what to put in your backpack.

– What itinerary to do? As we have said before, there is no single Jacobean route. We must choose what to do, but if it is the first time we advise to do the French Way.

– If you hesitate to plan, seek help. If you don’t know where to start or how to plan your trip, there are specialized agencies that will help you with everything you need. Any doubt or problem will be solved.

-Get out of my fears! It’s a very safe trip, don’t be fooled. Leave behind your fears, open your mind, and follow the Way of the Stars.


Many women have already left their mark on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago and more and more are following in their footsteps. Brave, adventurous women, eager to eat the world. What are you waiting for to give way to this wonderful adventure?


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