A Gudiña - Sanabrés Way

Information about A Gudiña

If you have ever asked yourself where does Galicia begin? Surely this is one of the most accurate answers. This Galician locality represents not only the entrance to Galicia from the Sanabrés Way, but also the entrance to this autonomous community from any point in the south of the country.

A Gudiña is the first Galician village in the Mozarabic Way It is a gateway to the wonderful natural environment of Galicia, as well as a great tendency to snow in the colder months, so if you travel in winter, prepare your warm clothes.

Besides, A Gudiña not only represents an entry into Galicia, but it is also the first decision you will have to make once you reach this point. Will you take the fork to Laza, where they say it is the most beautiful stage in terms of scenery? Or will you continue towards Verín, which is a simpler but less attractive stage?

What to see and do in A Gudiña

Chapel of San Martiño

This famous Galician Romanesque chapel dates back to the 17th century and has a simple single nave structure. It stands out for the buttresses that support the weight of the vault as well as its external ornamentation with coats of arms and a representation of the Blessed Sebastián de Aparicio.

St. Peter’s Church

This church, also built in the 17th century, is characterised by its main façade and rural Galician architectural style, as well as the altarpieces and the baptismal font inside.

San Pedro Church - A Gudiña

Panoramic Area of A Gudiña

An interpretation centre with two permanent exhibitions detailing the food products of the area and one of Galician handicrafts, as well as several temporary exhibitions of art and handicrafts.

Festivities of A Gudiña

The best time to visit A Gudiña is the 24th of August, when the festivities of the patron saint of A Gudiña are held, with various religious events, and a verbena with traditional music events and various sporting events.

Also very interesting is the feast of Blessed Sebastian de Aparicio, who is the patron saint of the automobile. The blessing of the automobile stands out on this day. How curious!

Mapa de A Gudiña