Grandas de Salime Primitive Way

Information about Grandas de Salime

Grandas de Salime is the last municipality of the Primitive Way in Asturian lands. It is located on the border with Galicia, and due to its proximity, many of its inhabitants speak Galician.

From its more recent history we remember the construction of the Salime Reservoir. Works began at the end of 1945 and left the village of Salime under its waters. A total of 685 hectares were flooded; 1,995 farms with more than 3,000 plots of land, 25,360 timber trees, 13,800 fruit trees, 14,051 vines, 8 bridges, 5 small churches, 5 cemeteries and several chapels were flooded.

Today, when the reservoir is low, you can still see the remains of the old village ravaged by the waters.

What to see and do in Grandas de Salime

Collegiate Church of El Salvador

The primitive church dates back to the 12th century, of which the old Romanesque doorway is preserved inside the temple. The façade has triple cylindrical and spiral columns, it surrounds the baptismal font, the holy water font and two gargoyles are also preserved. On the south wall there are two Romanesque tombs under ogival arches, and on the outside there is an outstanding chapterhouse that surrounds the temple.

The main altarpiece, crowned by the Saviour, is from the 17th century. Some of the old images of the temple of Salime, which disappeared under the waters of the reservoir , are preserved. Also noteworthy are the chiselled iron plates placed on the inner door, similar to the iron fittings of the cathedral of Lugo.