Today we start the last stage of the Portuguese Way along the coast, since when we have reached Redondela, we will join the main Portuguese route. During the trip to Arcade, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the Vigo estuary.


On this day we say goodbye to Vigo and start the last stage of our Portuguese route along the coast, as once we reach the height of Redondela, our route will merge with the original Portuguese route, having our final stage in Arcade.

We leave Vigo through Urzaiz street, we cross the Calvario market and then we enter Toledo street and here we meet again our dear friends: the yellow arrows, which will guide us to the end of the stage in Arcade.

Once we have reached the Fuente da Pouleira, we will continue walking along the path of Traída das Augas, enjoying beautiful views of the Vigo estuary. We will continue along the Madroa road until we reach the Rego de Fondón waterfall. From here, we will go up along the camiño da Fenteira, reaching the highest point of the stage. Then we only have to go down towards the church of San Andrés de Cedeira.

Once in the church of San Andrés, we continue through the Cruceiro neighbourhood until we turn right into the camiño das Cardosas.

As soon as we meet the train tracks, we will have reached the N-550 road, which we will have to follow, joining the main Portuguese road, until we reach Redondela. From Redondela, we will be very close to the end of the stage in Arcade.

To consider

If we want to do the Portuguese Way along the coast in as few days as possible, this should be our first stage. Since the minimum to get the Compostela is marked in the city of Vigo.

Places of interest

  • Church of San Andrés in Cedeira
  • Church of Santiago – Redondela
  • Convent of Vilavella – Redondela
  • Tower House – Redondela
  • Jardines Alameda – Redondela
  • Pontesampaio Bridge – Arcade
  • Castle of Soutomaior

Typical dishes

  • Chocos of Redondela
  • Arcade Oysters
  • Albariño wine