On a natural level this stage is spectacular. In the 19 kilometres that separate Viana do Castelo from the almost border town of Vila Praia de Ancora, nature gives you beautiful views of the endless straight Portuguese coastline. In the next stage, you will leave the Portuguese country to finally enter Galician lands. But not before getting to know Vila Praia and Caminha!


As we told you before, today we meet the coast again on the way. However, we have to admit that there is a bit of a catch in our words. Actually, the official route of this stage runs inland, but in recent years the variant that runs along the coast has become popular. You can choose the itinerary you like the most.

The official itinerary departs from Viana do Castelo heading to the shopping centre located next to the train station that connects directly to Vila Praia de Ancora. From there, cross a passage under the train tracks and continue along Rua Don Moisés Alves Pinho, having as a reference the company of the Santa Luzia mountain. We will have to cross a roundabout and a bridge, perfectly signposted, until we reach Quinta da Boa Viagem.

After this, we will only have to cross the towns of Areosa and Carreço, until we reach our destination at the end of the stage.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to follow the route along the coast, you should know that it is not signposted but it is very easy to follow without getting lost. You will only have to leave Viana do Castelo in the direction of Avenida do Atlántico, and keeping this course you will cross the North beach and the Areosa fortress and then continue in the direction of Carreço following the coastline along the GR-1 and you will have arrived at Vila Praia de Ancora.

Vila Praia de Ancora is a place with a fishing tradition, belonging to Caminha. The most remarkable thing is its huge and wild beach, where you can walk until you reach the Fort of Lagarteira, an old military fortress with a star-shaped floor plan.

Another of the icons of the town is in the centre: the dolmen of Barrosa, a good example of megalithism in the northwest of the peninsula.

To consider

The beach of Vila Praia has a very strong swell, like many of the beaches that make up the straight coasts of Portugal. Avoid swimming in the area of the river mouth, especially at low tide, as the currents are stronger in that area.

Places of interest

  • Forte de Lagarteira
  • Caldeirão Dune Beach
  • Dolmen da Barrosa
  • Praias de Moledo and Foz do Minho – Caminha
  • Centre and main church of Caminha
  • Forte de Ínsua

Typical dishes

  • Caldeirada à pescador
  • Various fish
  • Roast kid
  • Naco de buey
  • For dessert: The caminhenses and the mokas



Pousada da Juventude in Viana do Castelo

Address: Rua de Limia, 4900-405 Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Phone: +351 258 838 458

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Pilgrims' hostel São João da Cruz dos Caminhos

Address: Rua do Carmo, 1, 4900-469 Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Phone: +351 258 822 264

Email: [email protected]


Hostel D'Avenida

Address: Avenida Dr. Ramos Pereira, 353, 4910-539 Vila Praia de Ancora

Phone: +351 258 407 764

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Viana do Castelo

Town: Viana do Castelo

Povince: Viana do Castelo

Population: 91362