This is the first stage of the itinerary that runs exclusively through Galician lands. This is an exciting route from A Guarda along the spectacular rocky coastline of the southern Baixo Miño, passing through Oia before arriving in Baiona. In Oia we will be able to know the traditional customs associated with the fishing villages and in Baiona we will enjoy its beautiful old town and a walk along the Fortress of Monterreal.

Note that this stage can be divided in two, making a first section from A Guarda to Oia and a second section from Oia to Baiona.


Our tour today is very simple. We will set course for Oia following the coastline, with the Atlantic always open to our left. We will leave A Guarda from the promenade, following the route of the cetarias. Once we have arrived at the Cetaria Redonda, we will have to follow the indications to go out to the PO-552 road. The route now runs along the side of the road, sometimes signposted, crossing the counties of A Guarda and O Rosal, a land of excellent wines, towards the town of Baiona.

The hermitage of San Sebastián will greet us on our arrival in the town of Oia. From here, the road becomes more interesting as you get closer to the ocean. At this point there are only a few metres left to reach the village of Portecelo in Oia. After a couple of kilometres along the Estrada Real, we will descend again on a track to a level of the road closer to the coast.

We walk a few meters and reach the main town of Oia, perfect for a stop, rest and even eat.

We take the track that goes down to the beach of Oia, at the height of Punta Ourelluda, we will come out again to the road. The Glasgow Hotel and a petrol station will serve as a reference to cross the road to the right after passing them. Now the path runs along a higher level of road, from where the views of the coast will be breathtaking. The path will take us back to the road at Porto Mougás.

From Porto Mougas there is very little time left to reach our destination in Baiona. We will only have to cross the places of Pedra Rubia, A Ermida, As Mariñas and Baredo, and we will arrive to Baiona.

Fortress Monterreal Baiona

Baiona is a perfect place to make a stop on the way, as well as being one of the most beautiful coastal towns in the region. Galicia, has emblematic monuments such as the Monterreal Fortress, the replica of the Carabela Pinta or the Virgin of the Rock; not to mention its beaches, located just a stone’s throw away from the route.

To consider

Those who wish to visit the Hillfort of Santa Tecla can go to the Archaeological Museum, from where the guided tours organised by the Municipal Board will depart on weekends and holidays in July, August and September. The visits begin at 12:30 and 17:00 hours and will last 90 minutes, with a tour starting at the Museum and continue the descent on foot to the Santa Trega Hillfort. Because of this and the length of the stage, it is very important that you plan well the stage before leaving A Guarda, if you want to visit these places and not arrive too late to Baiona.

Places of interest

  • Round Cetaria
  • Hermitage of San Sebastian
  • Monastery of Santa Maria de Oia
  • The Gamboa
  • Castro of Chavella
  • Cabo Silleiro Lighthouse
  • Fortress of Monterreal
  • Virgin of the Rock
  • Caravel La Pinta

Typical dishes

  • We continue with fish and seafood
  • Seafood rice
  • Fish stew
  • White wine from Rías Baixas