Today we enter a stage of contrasts, in which besides having the ocean and the beaches as companions, we will alternate some stretches with asphalted areas. Of course, the natural sections that we will cross in the 21 kilometres that go from Póvoa de Varzim to Esposende are of great ecological value. Among others, we will cross the Litoral Norte Natural Park a protected natural area consisting of diverse habitats: majestic beaches of fine white sand with imposing dunes, vegetated back dunes, interesting tree formations, wetlands and estuaries, an important fauna; and traditional crops located very close to the coastline because they are fertilized with the seaweed “algae”.sargassum“.


We will say goodbye to Póvoa de Varzim leaving by its promenade, heading north to Esposende. We will continue with the beach walks as the main route, passing by beaches such as Fragosinho, until we reach Aguçadoura.

From Aguçadoura, the path takes us away from the coastal stretches to go along an asphalted stretch. Our next reference to return to the coastal environment will be a campsite, where we will have to turn left.

After walking a little further, the next point of reference is the town of Apúlia, from where we will leave alternating cobblestone roads with beautiful trails until we reach Fão. From here, we will take as a reference a football field to continue the path on the right until we reach the church of Bom Jesús.

Once we meet the river Cádavo, after crossing it over an iron bridge, we will have reached the end of the stage.

Located at the mouth of the Cádavo River, the most representative of Esposende is its privileged natural coastal environment. On the cultural level, this city has two important museums: the Maritime Museum and the Municipal Museum. As for its heritage, you can visit several religious sanctuaries, the Castro de São Lourenço, the church of Misericórdia, or the Fort of São João Baptista, among others.

To consider

Slips and falls are common for pilgrims, especially in winter or in rainy seasons, so we recommend being careful and equip ourselves with good footwear before leaving on a pilgrimage. Póvoa de Varzim if we want to arrive without injuries at the end of the stage in the village of Esposende. It is important to watch where you put your foot.

Places of interest

  • Esposende North Littoral Nature Reserve
  • Windmills of Esposende
  • Bom Jesus de Fão Church
  • Metal bridge of Fão
  • Maritime Museum and Municipal Museum – Esposende
  • Castro of São Lourenço
  • São João Baptista Fort
  • Mercy Church

Typical dishes

  • Polvo à Esposende: the star dish of the area
  • Fish at Poveira
  • Rabanada à poveira
  • Sardines and bacalhau
  • Baked sea bass or with rice
  • Vinhos Verdes de Quinta



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Póvoa de Varzim

Town: Póvoa de Varzim

Povince: Oporto

Population: 63470


Town: Esposende

Povince: Braga

Population: 33325