Four and a half kilometres after leaving Baiona, in the town of Ramallosa, you will have to choose which path to take to get to Vigo, whether to continue along the coast or follow the official route, which goes inland. It is clear to us, we have come to do the Portuguese Way along the coast, right?


We will leave Baiona leaving to our left the beaches of Santa Marta and Ladeira in the direction of Sabarís and in this stretch that separates us from Ramallosa we will be able to enjoy the views of the intertidal environment that is generated behind the arrow of the beach of Ladeira, at the mouth of the Miño river, just before choosing the way to get to Vigo.

Once we have reached Ramallosa, we have two options to continue the route: the official route, which runs inland; and an alternative route, which runs parallel to the coast. Since we are doing the Portuguese Way along the coast, we recommend to follow the coastal route, much more beautiful!

From Ramallosa we will follow the Torrente Ballester Avenue towards Foz, we will have to follow the green arrows, which indicate the route along the coast. We will pass through a very beautiful stretch, between Monte Lourido, Playa América, Panxón, Península de Monteferro, Playa de Patos and Playa de Canas.

From Playa das Canas we will take the road to O Portiño towards Saiáns.

Once in Saiáns, we will continue our way towards Oia, San Miguel de Oia, parish of Vigo, we have already left Oia concello behind. We will continue our coastal walk along the beaches of Canido and O Vao, cross the river Lagares and enter Vigo through the emblematic beach of Samil, with the company of the island of Toralla.

Vigo is a very dynamic city, where you can’t miss a stroll through the old town and its main streets, such as Príncipe. We recommend going to the oyster street to enjoy the biggest gastronomic attraction of the city, accompanied by a glass of Albariño from the Rías Baixas.

Stage 7. Baiona - Vigo (23 km)

To consider

From Baiona you will enjoy the beaches of the Rías Baixas with all its beaches, but once you have reached the beach of Samil, almost in the Vigo estuary, you will not find any more arrows to continue. However, it is easy to get to the city centre. We hope you enjoy your visit to the city.

Places of interest

  • Panxón
  • Monteferro Peninsula
  • Samil Beach
  • O Castro
  • Historic centre of Vigo

Typical dishes

  • Oysters
  • Mussels
  • Churrasco
  • Fish and seafood from the Vigo estuary
  • Zamburiñas Empanada