Now that the hotel and catering business has finally reopened in many areas, after such a long time, what better than to take a tour of the most emblematic, modern and curious bars and restaurants in Santiago de Compostela. Santiago is a very lively and culturally active city, with a multitude of bars in its cobbled streets that will surprise you. Whatever your style or taste, we are sure that in Compostela there is the perfect bar for you.

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We present you a list of bars and restaurants in Santiago de Compostela perfect to have a beer or a drink, or to have some tapas. If you fancy a quieter, more formal dinner plan, we also recommend a few more specialised places.

Atlántico Rock & Cocktail bar

El Atlántico is one of the most legendary bars and restaurants in Santiago, which has been able to reconvert and reinvent itself over the years. They specialize in cocktails and drinks, and the place couldn’t be cooler. The atmosphere is always very pleasant, as well as the music selection. In case you didn’t know, during the closures caused by the coronavirus, they’ve launched a cocktail delivery service.

Abastos 2.0

One of the trendiest places for vermouth. Located in the street of the food market, it is perfect for tasting dishes made with fresh market produce, or simply to have a few wines or vermouth.

Bodegón Casas Chico

This site is one of the most surprising and current. Surprising because if you are from Santiago or have lived or visited the city years ago, you probably still remember the old hardware store that was located there. The old Casas Chico hardware store was one of the most traditional establishments in the city. Well, it was decided to convert the hardware store into a bar-restaurant, respecting the old space. The result couldn’t be better.


The Riquela is that typical bar that has undoubtedly managed to carve a niche for itself in the nightlife scene in Santiago de Compostela. It’s perfect for snacks, pre-dinner beers or after-dinner drinks.

Pepe Payá

Beautiful local located very close to the square and arch of Mazarelos. It is the classic place that you will find very atmospheric at lunch or dinner time. Perfect to enjoy a good Estrella Galicia wine cellar, accompanied by some exquisite dishes.

Benboa Compostela

A street in Santiago de Compostela

Another place in the old part of town converted into a restaurant with a very modern and chic decoration. More than just a place to have a drink, this place is designed for lunch or dinner.

Cafeteria La Flor

Home of Compostela’s modernism. La Flor is a place frequented by bohemians and artists where you might even bump into a famous actor. It is a very versatile place, perfect to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a good book, or to have a few beers with some tapas or tostas.

Casa das Crechas

Terrace of Casa Crechas

Another of the most mythical and emblematic places in Compostela. This is the home of the “folkies”, and it is precisely Casa das Crechas that is famous for its links with the music and the traditional and folk cultural scene of Galicia. In normal conditions, they offer live music every week and Wednesdays are foliada night. We hope that soon they will be able to offer us again their wonderful selection of live music on the ground floor of the venue. In the meantime, happy to return to enjoy their wide selection of drinks.

Modus Vivendi

It is also part of the “taverns with art” in Santiago de Compostela. A renowned local that has been in operation for many years. This is undoubtedly one of the mods of Compostela. Good music and atmosphere characterize it.

Little Borealis of Bethlehem

Located next to Modus Vivendi, this is another of Santiago’s classic bars and restaurants. You can enjoy its interior part in the evenings, where sometimes there is live music, and during the day you can enjoy a drink on the terrace. One of the best “jazz” atmospheres in the city.

Hotel Costa Vella

The most characteristic and remarkable thing about the Hotel Costa Vella’s cafeteria is that you don’t expect what you find when you enter. From the outside we can not imagine the spectacular garden terrace that enjoys this place. It is perfect to enjoy a good breakfast or a coffee with dessert.

Hotel costa vella

Embora Cultural Bar

Mythical bar in the old part of Santiago de Compostela. It is located next to the Faculty of Geography and History and stands out for being an intimate and secluded place in the centre of the city. Perfect to enjoy some good cocktails. It used to stand out for its vermouth sessions with concerts on the terrace, which we hope can be resumed when the health situation improves.

Orixe Restaurant

Restaurant in the old part of the city, with Galician cuisine between traditional and contemporary. Apart from its culinary proposals, it stands out for its modern aesthetics as an industrial hall.

Restaurant O Dezaseis

It is a classic of Compostela’s gastronomy that could not be missing in this list. Specialities in meats and fish, and a very good menu of the day at an affordable price. Be careful, though, because it is closed on Sundays.

Felisa House

Perfect for dinner or lunch based on portions in the center to share. Its strong point is its huge outdoor space in the back.

A Tafona

One of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the city, run by chef Lucía Freitas. Avant-garde culinary proposals elaborated with the most authentic and autochthonous products.

Bodeguilla of San Roque

Generous portions of traditional Galician food at a good price. If you want to eat here you’ll have to call to reserve a table in advance, as it tends to get busy.

Restaurant A Moa

In San Pedro Street. One of the modern and trendy places to eat in Compostela. It stands out for its decoration and atmosphere, and for its interior terrace.

Rua San Pedro

Bar la Tita

The famous bar with free tortilla tapas. You can also have lunch or dinner based on portions and tapas of traditional dishes such as zorza, raxo or cuttlefish. It is the mythical place that belongs to those bars and restaurants that will never go out of fashion.

Well, dear friends, we could go on writing an endless list of bars and restaurants in Compostela that are worth going to, but we think that with this selection you have enough to discover different corners of the city and stumble upon a thousand other places. Enjoy the city with feeling!

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