The province of Albacete hides one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Spain. And it is none other than the Natural Park of the Calares del Río Mundo and La Sima. It is a tourist place that attracts attention for its 80 meters high waterfalls, for the water wells known as calderetes and for an impressive forest full of pines, yews, willows, elms and ash trees. All this serves as a backdrop to undertake one of the most exciting hiking trails in Castilla La Mancha: The Nacimiento del Río Mundo.

The tributary has its source in the town of Riópar, located in the region of Sierra de Alcaraz, right from where this low-difficulty excursion starts, although of course, most of the way is uphill. It is ideal for anyone; it can even be done with young children.

The route is 800 meters long. During the perfectly signposted route you will enjoy beautiful views through two viewpoints, the fauna made up mainly of deer, mountain goats, wild boars, squirrels and golden eagles, an impressive cave and several waterfalls.

What to do on the route to the Nacimiento del Río Mundo?

The Village of Riopar

Riópar will become the starting point to enjoy the route to the source of the Mundo River. From there you will go to Siles and Chorros del Río Mundo. Leave the car parked on the nearest esplanade and start the walk through the park.

Enjoy its natural treasures, among them the cliffs of Calar del Mundo, which is a cliff about 300 meters high that is impressive to the naked eye.

cliffs of Calar del Mundo

This hiking route is signposted.

And although the stretch is mostly uphill, anyone can do it. To complete it is suggested to take the necessary precautions: wear comfortable clothes and shoes, small backpack, carry bottles of water, camera and, of course, all your energy to complete one of the best excursions of this 2019.

As you walk through the bushes, you will come to the Hueco de Los Chorros, whose amphitheatre shape will make you think about ho