Sahagún French Way

Information about Sahagún

The historic town of Sahagún is located in the southeast of the province of León. It is an important stop along the Jacobean route, with a great history behind it and a heritage of incalculable value.

Sahagún is an important focus of Mudejar art, in fact there are indications that Romanesque-Mudejar art probably began here. In the streets we are struck by their houses, built with bricks and wooden structures, and others built with clay and straw. The local artistic heritage, which shows a successful past, includes remarkable buildings such as the monastery of San Benito el Real, the Mudejar churches of San Tirso and San Lorenzo, built in the 12th and 13th centuries, respectively, the Benedictine convent, currently the seat of the Sahagún Museum and on the outskirts of the village, the Shrine of the Pilgrim Mother.

What to see and do in Sahagún

The Plaza Mayor

This pedestrian square is the nerve centre of the village, being a meeting point for its inhabitants and pilgrims. It is surrounded by arcades that house many bars, restaurants and small shops in which to relax and enjoy.