French Way - Torres del Río

Information about Torres del Río

Between the top of a hill and in a deep basin rises the village of Torres del Río, located on the French Way. It is a charming village with steep and narrow streets full of baroque houses with decorative coats of arms. The place is home to some architectural gems of great interest and an extensive landscape typical of this part of Navarre. A charming village to stop in the details and enjoy the history.

What to see and do in Torres del Río

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

In the village of Torres del Río hides one of the most important churches of the 12th century Navarrese Romanesque. Its unquestionable originality comes from its centralized structure and adopts a greater monumentality and architectural sensibility than the rest of the constructions of this style in the whole community. It is one of the most interesting works in Navarre.

It stands out for its octagonal plan, in which the side of the octagon becomes the module of the whole construction, a great work of precision. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been restored in several stages, between 1960 and 1964, and in 1993 on the occasion of the Compostelan Holy Year. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931. There are plenty of reasons to visit it and pilgrims will be delighted when they decide to do so.

Church of Santo Sepulcro - Torres del Río

The historical centre

A stroll through the historic centre of Torres del Río is a must. Through its narrow and steep streets you can enjoy the old architecture. In many of the facades of its large stone houses you can find the interesting finely carved coats of arms, something very characteristic of the town. Travelers will enjoy a lovely sunset stroll in this villa.

Old Town - Torres del Río

The parish church of San Andrés

In this case we are talking about a Gothic-Renaissance work by Juanes de Larrañaga with origin between 1599 and 1629. It has a Latin cross layout with a large square section that serves as the nave. It has a transept with shallow arms and a polygonal chancel. Practically the whole space is covered with beautiful star-shaped vaults of tercelets.

In this construction Renaissance outlines and types coexist with other sculptures in which the naturalism of the 17th century begins to appear. It is another of the relevant buildings of Torres del Río, another visit not to be missed on the way.

Parish Church of San Andrés - Torres del Río

The natural beauty of the merit of Estella

Torres del Río is located in the Estella area, which includes the Sierra de Urbasa, the Sierra de Andía and the Sierra de Lóquiz. In general, all over the area you can enjoy interesting landscapes. The vegetation of the merindad is varied and different contexts can be observed depending on the area. It is an excellent place to walk, to rest and to disconnect in an outdoor environment.

Natural beauty of Estella - Torres del Río

Mapa de Torres del Río