Camino Francés - Foncebadón

Information about Foncebadón

Foncebadón is a small Leonese village located in the municipality of Santa Colomba de Somoza and on the French Way. This village is especially linked to the Jacobean route, as it was largely abandoned until the resurgence of the pilgrimage in the mid-twentieth century. Nowadays, it has many services to welcome travellers and offers a quiet stop in a peaceful environment.

A little history

In the 60’s and 70’s this humble village suffered a great abandonment and its inhabitants began to move to Madrid to look for new job opportunities. The important reduction of the population led to the deterioration of the houses and the different constructions. Even to the collapse of some of them. Nowadays you can find rehabilitated buildings, the village has come back to life and relevant places such as the parish church or the school are already in good condition, after being recovered.


What to see and do in Foncebadón

The port of Foncebadón

A point of interest for nature lovers is this mountain pass, located in one of the highest points of the Montes de León. It runs next to an environment of a great wealth of fauna and flora, as well as natural viewpoints that provide a great scenic beauty. It is one of the great attractions for all the people who pass through this village of rural essence, connected with the natural environment.

Port - Foncebadón

The Iron Cross

The humble village of Foncebadón is fortunate to have the cross that is at the highest point of the French Way, this is called Cruz de Hierro. It is formed by a wooden post about five meters high crowned by an iron cross.

The cross that is located in the place at the present time is a replica of the original one, this one is conserved in the Museum of the Ways of Astorga. Legend has it that when the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was built, pilgrims were asked to contribute by bringing stone. Therefore, the tradition is to throw a stone brought from the place of origin of each pilgrim with his back to the cross. This is done to symbolize that the port has been left behind.

Iron Cross - Foncebadón

Mapa de Foncebadón