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Information about Castromaior

Castromaior, officially called San Xoán de Castromaior, is a small parish in the municipality of Abadín, in the province of Lugo and located on the French Way. It is a village of great interest for its visual wealth, partly due to its privileged location next to the Sierra del Gistral.

What to see and do in Castromaior

Nature in the environment

Castromaior is located in a beautiful environment that no pilgrim or traveller should miss on their way through the place. The village is one of the entrances to the Sierra del Gistral, where the track that leaves the village of Fraga enters the sierra through the valley of the river Arnela or Portela. In this context you can enjoy the river, the mountains, the valleys, meadows and forests. In Castromaior we also find the Pena da Auga, one of the most remarkable heights of Abadín.

landscape - Castromaior

The parish church of San Juan

This temple is located in the centre of O Barral. It is a church located next to a small castro that was built in the middle of the 16th century and later reformed. It has a slate gable roof and the sacristy is at the head of the church. The exterior is dominated by geometric decoration and completely arrises. There is an arrow slit in one of the side walls, and inside the church there is a beautiful altarpiece from the 18th century.

The Castro of Castromaior

One of the most famous spots in this area is this castro, one of the most interesting archaeological sites of the Iron Age. In fact, it is one of the few that are preserved in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It was declared of Cultural Interest in 2010 and is a typical example of a Celtic castro of the time. It is determined that the time in which it was inhabited took place from the fourth century BC.

Castro - Castromaior

Mapa de Castromaior