Camino Francés - Castroferiz

Information about Castrojeriz

Castrojeriz is a town in the province of Burgos which is also located on the French Way. Its location is curious, as it is at the foot of a hill dominated by the remains of a castle. In this village there are different monuments and ruins that remind us of its importance in the past. A beautiful place to transport you to another era.

What to see and do in Castrojeriz

The Castle of Castrojeriz

The famous castle is based on a primitive Visigothic construction that was adapted to the terrain in its various extensions. It was a place marked by the struggles between Alfonso the Battler and Doña Urraca and Leonor of Castile, Queen of Aragon, was imprisoned there. Since 2013 it is enabled to receive tourist visits, so it is in a good state of preservation in general, with some areas in ruins.

Castle - Castrojeriz

The ruins of the Convent of San Anton

The Convent of San Antón is only 3 km from Castrojeritz, on the way to the village. The entrance to the church was through a doorway with six archivolts completely adorned with statues. This entrance was protected by a high arch from the 16th century. The curious thing is that this is where the cure for fire sickness, a disease that spread in the Middle Ages, was carried out. Nowadays you can see a good part of the ruins and parts of it are quite well preserved.

Convent of San Antón - Castrojeriz


It has a grouped urban nucleus, its most important architectural building is the church of San Andrés, built in the 16th century. It is the work of different architects of prestige, among which the masters of Trasmiera (Cantabria), Juan de Robles and Juan del los Helgueros stand out. It is a Gothic style building with many Renaissance elements and the whole is one of the most beautiful in the region.

Villasilos - Castrojeriz

The Fuero and Mayor squares

Travellers will find a couple of places of interest in this village. In the Plaza del Fuero there is a sculpture dedicated to the fuero of the town. The Charter of Castrojeriz is a set of rights and privileges granted to the town in 974 by García Fernández, Count of Castile, one of the first in the kingdom of Castile. For its part, the Plaza Mayor is presented with one of its porticoed sides in which you can see some columns of the sixteenth century. The Town Hall building is also located here.

Mapa de Castrojeriz