Camino Francés - Castroferiz

Information about Castrojeriz

Castrojeriz is a town in the province of Burgos which is also located on the French Way. Its location is curious, as it is at the foot of a hill dominated by the remains of a castle. In this village there are different monuments and ruins that remind us of its importance in the past. A beautiful place to transport you to another era.

What to see and do in Castrojeriz

The Castle of Castrojeriz

The famous castle is based on a primitive Visigothic construction that was adapted to the terrain in its various extensions. It was a place marked by the struggles between Alfonso the Battler and Doña Urraca and Leonor of Castile, Queen of Aragon, was imprisoned there. Since 2013 it is enabled to receive tourist visits, so it is in a good state of preservation in general, with some areas in ruins.

Castle - Castrojeriz