Who hasn’t woken up creatively during the Camino de Santiago? Those of you who have done it, know that the Camino de Santiago awakens the senses and is a true source of inspiration for many people. In fact, the different places along the Camino de Santiago have been the creative starting point for many artists, and many artistic manifestations have been associated with them.

But the road is not only a source of inspiration for those who define themselves as artists! Many people find inspiration or creativity for what they need by walking these paths. Many others, on the other hand, are doing things they’ve never thought of before, and many times it has to do with some kind of art.

Today we want to share with you the following artistic project carried out on the occasion of Xacobeo 2021. Xacobeo 2021 Jacobean Comics. Take note and let’s get started!

The Jacobean Comics project

José Tono Martínez and Pere Joan present us the project “Historietas Jacobeas” which they have developed on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Sport for the celebration of Xacobeo 2021. 16 artists have participated in the project.

Thisproject aims to renew and enliven the Camino de Santiago with iconographies and images of our own time. We think it’s a wonderful initiative! And you? The truth is that if we stop to think about it, the iconography of the Camino de Santiago has been the same since time immemorial…. This is not a bad thing, but it is very interesting that someone has the idea of associating a contemporary iconography to this heritage.

Iconography of the Camino

Why do Jacobean comics arise?

“If the Camino de Santiago is the mother of all journeys, Jacobean Comics is the invitation to a journey”.

It arises with the intention of making the path known to people, even to people who had never considered it before, from another point of view. For example, many comics reinterpret myths, symbols or legends of the road. In others the artist simply offers a personal reinterpretation of his vision of the road.

Art on the Camino

Comic strips and cartoonists

The project is made up of 16 creators: comic artists, cartoonists, scriptwriters, writers… and each one brings their own artistic vision of the Camino de Santiago.

In total 7 comic strips have been created, with illustrations and reflections that are truly wonderful. To us those that we have liked more have been that of Irati F.G. and that of Pere Joan. We invite you to drop by the web, read them and reflect. We have also created 8 super cool posters such as the one by Elena Ibáñez, Miguel Gallardo or Miguelanxo Prado. All the materials are free to download, so you can get the posters that you like the most to put as background of your mobile, computer, tablet… And there are also stickers for your mobile phone!

And you, which cartoon or poster did you like the most? We encourage you to become an artist and save your own interpretation of the path in an image.to remember it always. And I’m not talking about saving a photo! Surely after walking, you will have found enough motivation to create and keep a deep and beautiful memory of your walk.

Ultreia pilgrims!

Design the Camino to suit you