Orbaneja del Castillo is a medieval town in Burgos declared a Historic-Artistic Site and considered by some as a fantastic place almost like those of fairy tales. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is crossed by a wonderful waterfall and around it were built small houses with viewpoints overlooking the great canyon of the river Ebro.

The typical wooden balconies of the houses are decorated with different types of flowers and its steep and narrow streets are the most striking of the place, so it is worth a tour through them and take beautiful pictures in different perspectives. The whole village is a dream of a place that seems to transport you to medieval times, as it allows you to evoke an interesting past in the whole atmosphere of the place.

Visiting the Orbaneja del Castillo Waterfall

The waterfall was formed because the force of the river gave way to the tuffaceous terrain and created stone terraces in a natural way, although they seem to be sculpted by the perfection of nature. Its flow depends on the time of year but remains strong until it reaches the Ebro River. The urban structure is mediated by the beauty of the waterfall that rises in the center of the village and that is undoubtedly the main cause of the structure of the locality.

Ebro's waterfall


There are three recommended routes; the natural path of the Ebro where you can cross the bridge over the river Ebro and start your walk where you can head to the left to reach the place called Quintanilla Escalada or to the right and find yourself in the vast territory of the valley of Valderredible. Here you can see a group of cave hermitages and if you continue you can reach the Collegiate Church of San Martín de Elines.

Senda de los Chozos

The Senda de los Chozos is a 5 km. route that starts at the Cueva