Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park is located in the municipality of Santa Uxia de Ribeira, in La Coruña. This tourist attraction was created in 1992. The Dunas de Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park is a protected area with more than 1,000 ha of surface area,    located at the western end of the Barbaza peninsula and is where dune areas, paradisiacal beaches and lagoons of both salt water and fresh water come together. In the list of the Convention on Wetlands, the dunes and lagoons were included in 1993, and    in 2001 they were cataloguedas Sites of Community Importance.

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 What to see?

The main tourist resource of the Natural Park is the mobile dune, a unique specimen in the province of Galicia with an extension of more than 1 kilometre long, 250 metres wide and 20 metres high.

It is also appropriate to add what is of great interest the freshwater lagoon of Vixán, which was born by closing a sandy arrow that separated it from the sea, thus providing jets of water for nearby streams.

The lagoon Salobre de Carregal is another resource that you can not miss as its waters communicate to the sea so it is what its waters have great amount of salinity.

We cannot miss to discover the Mirador da Pedra da Rá where we can see in a paronamic way all the Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park. It is necessary to have the opportunity to visit the Corrubedo Lighthouse.

 Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park Routes

In the same Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park there is a good signposting through all roads and trails. We must mention that the routes do not have a degree of difficulty and is suitable for the enjoyment of the family.

There are three types of routes, the routes will differ from each other by the distance of the journey.

 -Camino del Agua. It is the shortest route of the three, as it has a route of 3 kilometers and a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The freshwater lagoon of Vixán will be the end of the route.

– Camino del Mar. It is the longest route of the three, as it has a route of 6 kilometers and a duration of 3 hours. It will transport us to the salt lagoon of Carrexal. There we will be able to contemplate the incredible landscape located next to the river Longo.

 -Camino del Viento. It is the intermediate route between the water route and the sea route as it has a route of 5 kilometers and a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The beach O vilar will be the starting point, making a circular route.


In the same area of Corrubeda Park there is a great variety of species. There are 10 species of amphibians such as the green frog and the spore toad and more than 2,300 specimens of aquatic birds gathered in 35 species.

As for reptiles, there are approximately 14 species, among them the cobras de collar, the snake of Seoane and the largato de las silveiras. With respect to mammals represents a large number of species that include otters, foxes and water rats.


Corrubeda Natural Park has more than 250 kinds of vegetables that are well adapted to the terrain. Some are arid and sandy terrain such as the Cardo mariano and many others in terrain adapted to water as the common reed.

The natural spot has an area full of nature and color.


Corrubeda Natural Park is a set of five consecutive beaches: Lagoa beach is the largest with 3 kilometers long and 30 meters wide, followed by Prado beach with its white sand and calm waters.

But you can also enjoy Castro beach for scuba diving and fishing and not to finish without mentioning the importance of Anguieiro beach and O vilar beach.


It is a great opportunity to visit the festivities of the area of Corrubeda. It is worth mentioning that the days 27, 28 and 29 August is the feast dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen and in the month of July is the feast of Corrubeda.

As you can see there are many plans that can be made in Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park. Are you going to miss the opportunity to visit the natural place full of color and life?

Lose track of time enjoying the environment and disconnect from the connection and breathe fresh air. Or it is an exemplary place to practice some sports.