Santiago de Compostela will once again be the gastronomic centre of Galicia with the new edition of the “Santiago (é) Tapas”, an initiative that is already going for the thirteenth edition and that in this Holy Year 2021 offers new bites and original names, a Jacobean year that will also be present at the event. Inspiration from fashionable geological elements, famous TV series and lifelong Galician phrases bring creativity and freshness with new delicacies. Shall we try them?

Edition (é) Tapas 2021

After the obligatory break in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this tapas competition returns, which is already a classic in the city of Compostela. A total of 38 restaurants will be offering 59 innovative tapas between 11 and 28 November. The contest is promoted by Tourism of Santiago and organized by the Santiago Hotel and Catering Association and is sponsored by Cervezas Alhambra.

Last Wednesday, November 10, local authorities such as the mayor of the city Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, the president of the Compostela Hospitality Association Thor Rodríguez, members of the municipal corporation, several collaborating and sponsoring entities and the organizers of the event met at the winning establishment of the last edition, A Casa dos Xacobe, in what was the official presentation of this edition.

Thor Rodríguez, in charge of Santiago (é) tapas

There will be two modalities, namely traditional tapas and creative tapas, and prices will range between 1’5€ and 3’5€ per tapa. There will be a part of professional jury and another popular, and through the weighted vote will be awarded a first prize of 1,000 € and a second prize of 500 € for both modalities. In addition, a new prize will be awarded for the best gluten-free tapa. Finally, there will be two prizes of the public, with an amount of 700 €.

What’s on the cover?

Yes, this will be the month of tapas in Santiago, as well as in other cities in Galicia, because November is a typical month for these events; for example, right now at the English Camino de Santiago there are also tapas competitions in A Coruña and in Ferrol, as in Santiago de Compostela. Many tapas are waiting for you in the streets of Compostela, and here you can consult the whole menu, although we are going to highlight some of them.

This year’s creations, as is usually the case, have inspiration in the rabid actuality, because we can find tapas such as the sweet Volcano with banana from the Canary Islands, a chocolate sponge cake with banana from the islands and a touch of honey with strawberry puree and rum flambé, or the savoury one Pork volcano, composed of pork shoulder, paspallás egg, with red pepper sauce, paprika, almonds and cumin, emulsified with cured cheese from Cebreiro.

El Volcán de Lacón

We will also find allusions to movies, series or TV shows, such as The Simpsons cover, Lo que el ojo no ve (allusive to the famous football show on Canal +) or Winter is coming, a kind of medieval stew reminiscent of the hit series Game of Thrones.

Allusive to Galician proverbs we find Come neniño, come, Outra vaca no millo, Estoxo and Regueifa. With these titles, no one can resist and have a good time with friends enjoying these creations.

Holy Year 2021, also gastronomic and innovative

As it could not be otherwise, and making a play on words with the name of the contest, the Camino de Santiago is present in the event. Thus, reminiscent of the old “Paris – Dakar” in Santiago de Compostela, we will be able to travel different routes in the city, as if we were gastronomic pilgrims, and stop at the various participating restaurants to taste their culinary inventions. Do not forget to get your Tapasporte, a kind of gastronomic credential and get the stamps of the different five proposed routes and get prizes. You can get it at the Tourist Office or in the participating establishments themselves, and to get the prizes go to the first one.

Santiago (é) tapas credentials and wines

In addition to these Jacobean routes, another novelty this year is the Veggie Route, thus completing a wide variety of gastronomic alternatives for all palates. At the same time, there will also be the “Santiago (é) Cocktail”.

Shall we have another?

As you know, Santiago de Compostela has everything, but now it has even gastronomic novelties with this contest “Santiago (é) Tapas”, one more attraction in this month of November in the city. If you are doing some The Camino de Santiago you have a great opportunity to savour all the gastronomic creativity of the city. We already have our favourite tapa, what about you?