Carlota Valenzuela is a young woman from Granada who on January 2, 2022 put on her boots to walk the thousands and thousands of kilometers that separate Finisterre from Jerusalem, in the Holy Land. In his words, “it’s getting out of the end to get to where it all began”. A pilgrimage he will make on foot, except when it is geographically impossible and he must take boats, of course. A journey she will make alone, although accompanied by a valuable spiritual baggage to advance in her fascinating pilgrimage.

A 29 year old girl on her own pilgrimage to Jerusalem from Finisterre

And with a lot of power. With a double degree in Law and Political Science, an MBA in Foreign Trade and a good job in a large multinational, many will wonder what is the need for the brave Carlota to make this stop of a year in a life, a kind of sabbatical year as was done in the Grand Tour of the eighteenth century, antecedent of the current concept of Tourism.

Carlota Valenzuela leaving Finisterre