The most common way to do the Camino de Santiago nowadays is, obviously, in the direction of Santiago de Compostela. Depending on the route you choose, the direction will be West, North or South. However, if you have done the Camino you might have seen pilgrims in the opposite direction to yours, i.e., that they come from Santiago de Compostela and make the way backwards; and if you are one of those who have not done it yet, we tell you both that it is something common, you can find it on your way, and even has its historical justification.

Originally, the pilgrimage involved not only an outward journey, but also a return journey.

Many pilgrims did not make it back to their homes or did not even reach Santiago de Compostela, because they died during the journey or decided to settle in a new home, the goal was to go to Santiago and back. That’s the story, but in this article we are going to see why today some pilgrims do the Camino de Santiago backwards,

The monument of Monte do Gozo