The Holy Year 21-22 continues to surprise us, and this time our palate will taste the Jacobean glory. As it has been usual since 2006, the Vigo company Pereira Productos del Mar recently presented its recipe book “Cocina de bordo”, which is already in its 16th edition and which proposes very special recipes with the protagonism of seafood products. Thus, for this exceptional Holy Year 2022, we are presented with twelve recipes for the twelve holy months ahead of us.

Gastronomy on the Camino de Santiago: 12 recipes with fish and seafood

This is the title of the recipe booklet presented, an initiative of the Pereira company that, inspired by the Camino de Santiago, pays tribute to the Holy Year 21-22. With the historical advice of the journalist and popularizer of the Way of St. James Cristóbal Ramírez, three great Galician chefs get down to work in the kitchen: Michelin Star from 2020 Iñaki Bretal, from the restaurant “O Eirado da Leña” (Pontevedra); María Varela, Food of Spain Award for Catering 2013 and Chef of the Year 2015, from the restaurant A Parada das Bestas (Pidre, Palas de Rei); and. Daniel López, with a Sun in the Repsol Guide and highlighted in the Big Gourmand guide, from the restaurant O Camiño do Inglés (Ferrol). As we can see, they are good ambassadors of the cuisine and the Way of St. James, since they are present in the three most important routes, namely and respectively, on the Portuguese Way of Saint James the French Way of Saint James and on the English Way of St. James. Let’s take a look at their proposals.